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Women Collection

BIRKENSTOCK women’s collection offers shoes and sandals, which are super comfortable, and you may find new colors, prints, and models every year! The BIRKENSTOCK brand has existed since 1774, and that’s why we have large experience in footwear making. At our webshop, you’ll find women's shoes, sandals, boots, clogs, thongs, and much more! You can wear the BIRKENSTOCK footwear with any outfit, and you'll always look chic. The German brand was founded 230 years ago and is still a family business with unprecedented experience. BIRKENSTOCK was the first brand that invented a flexible cork footbed with a leather insole. Only the very best cork in the world is used for the production of the famous BIRKENSTOCK footbed, which ensures the perfect, comfortable wearing comfort. You can find an extensive collection of women's sandals, wedges & platforms, slippers, boots, and other shoes at our store. 

Women collection - remarkable comfort, quality, and design

BIRKENSTOCK used to be known as the health shoe brand, but now it's much more than that! Our classic design and vision make our shoes and sandals timeless. BIRKENSTOCK women's collection has already been spotted on many catwalks. Also, more and more fashion bloggers are writing about BIRKENSTOCK shoes and women's sandals. In addition to being trendy, our footwear is comfortable and good for your feet. The very bottom of each BIRKENSTOCK sandal is called a footbed. It's essentially the design of the footbed that gives BIRKENSTOCK its good qualities. The women's collection contains shoes with an ergonomically shaped footbed inspired by a footprint in the sand. In other words, the BIRKENSTOCK footbed supports the foot in all places, and its shape ensures a better transition of the foot. This makes walking and wearing comfort even better! In addition, our sandals have two widths - narrow and regular and are therefore suitable for everyone. BIRKENSTOCK women's shoes are excellent for the trendy, fashion-conscious woman who also likes comfortable shoes. 

Do you want to walk pleasantly and look stylish this season? Then don't hesitate and take a glance at the BIRKENSTOCK women's collection, which includes BIRKENSTOCK women's sandals, women's accessories, beach sandals, multi-strap sandals, sneakers, low shoes, and many more!

Discover BIRKENSTOCK extensive women's collection - shoes, sandals, accessories

We all know that fitting footwear is vital for your feet: It prevents chronic complaints and overuse injuries, such as knee and back problems or heel spurs. Unfortunately, more and more women and men are faced with back problems due to wearing flat shoes that do not provide sufficient support for the foot. For people with jobs that require to stand up all day – it is necessary to have decent shoes. 

If you don't do this, sooner or later, you will undoubtedly suffer from chronic back and foot problems. The German-made BIRKENSTOCKS have a positive image in terms of foot comfort. 

And what's more, the BIRKENSTOCKS are available in many different colors and can therefore be combined with various outfits. Our shoes and sandals are ideal for spring and summer when the temperatures allow you to walk with your feet open. However, we also offer sneakers, clogs, lace-ups, and other shoes to wear all seasons. 

BIRKENSTOCK for every season

In summer, one strap, two-strap sandals, wedges, and slippers are in the spotlight. Stylish and chic BIRKENSTOCK summer footwear will definitely highlight your style. The straps mounted in BIRKENSTOCK sandals can be individually adjusted with durable, nickel-free, enameled buckles to ensure a perfect fit. Each buckle is attached to the upper material with the utmost care through four hooks. The popular BIRKENSTOCK sandal model is Arizona, which is available at our store in diverse colors and materials. 

Arizona is the classic model - and probably the one most people associate with the 70s. 

Among other one-strap sandals, Gizeh and Madrid models are also worth mentioning. 

Gizeh is probably one of the most popular BIRKENSTOCK models right now, along with Arizona. It has a split toe and no strap around the heel. The sandal is available in a myriad of colors and in several different materials. Madrid is incredibly simple and classic. It has a single strap with a buckle. Arizona, Gizeh, and Madrid can also be found in Big Buckle versions. What's more, you can choose sandal material that will suit your needs. 

If you have enough sandals, we also have other footwear. For example, clogs are great to wear on hot days and can be worn with or without socks. Although BIRKENSTOCK is known for producing high-quality sandals, you'll also find plenty of fall/winter shoes and socks in our collection. These are designed to keep your feet warm, cozy, and comfortable. Socks also play an important role in supporting your feet. They protect your feet against the cold, absorb moisture and help prevent damage from outside. So the right socks make the difference. With the socks from the BIRKENSTOCK women's collection, your feet will feel comfy every day. Thanks to a small part of elastane (lycra), the BIRKENSTOCK socks are incredibly comfortable. The fabric ensures that they are sufficiently stretchable so that they fit closely to your foot. Birkenstock guarantees the high quality of all products. So whether you buy women's sandals, back/ankle strap models, boots, low shoes, summer footwear, winter shoes, or socks, you know that they are of excellent quality and very durable.

Women's footwear that matter

Check our women's collection, and find the shoes of your dreams! Which BIRKENSTOCK model are you going to wear this season? The great thing is that you don't have to choose. You can order timeless, high-quality women's sandals and shoes at our store, which look great with every outfit. You can always feel comfortable and trendy with our sandals, flip flops, clogs, sneakers, or loafers. Our women's shoes come in diverse colors, styles, and materials, so you will undoubtedly find suitable footwear for your needs and budget. Check out BIRKENSTOCK sporty, summery, or 'all-time favorite' shoes for women.

We are happy to take you on a journey through the most influential women's shoe trends.

The most important thing is to find a pair of shoes that will meet your needs and suit your style. Nowadays, every woman can be their stylist! For example, mix London Oiled Leather Black BIRKENSTOCKS with a lovely dress if you like vivid contrasts. An oversized turtleneck dress with Laramie lace-up boots will also look great. 

Or, you can combine Bend Low sneakers with a white t-shirt and jeans to achieve an everyday, casual look. But, again, everything is possible - you determine your own rules.

With BIRKENSTOCK women's collection, you can express yourself during all seasons, creating your new look. Decide whether you prefer an outfit filled with details and striking prints, or you rather wear earthy tones and classic shoes. Our women's shoes are made of a combination of fabrics, which makes them look attractive. Let your creativity speak. At the BIRKENSTOCK store, you'll find a broad range of women's shoes in different styles, colors, and materials. Use our search filters to make your choice easier. We are curious about your preferences!

Get inspired by different materials available in BIRKENSTOCK women's collection

BIRKENSTOCK uses only natural and high-quality material mixes for the production of sandals and shoes. In addition, each raw material undergoes strict quality checks.

Our products are made of natural leather, smooth leather, oiled leather, nubuck leather, polyurethane, EVA, or Birko-Flor. Leather is usually the most well-known raw material, which is breathable, absorbent, flexible, and therefore adapts perfectly to the individual shape of the foot. Leather BIRKENSTOCKS are sustainable and have an authentic look. The leather feels soft and pleasant and is easy to maintain. Birko-Flor is a synthetic material invented by BIRKENSTOCK. It's incredibly durable and stays neat over time. This fabric is skin-friendly and adapts to the shape of the foot slightly faster than leather does. So, the Birko-Flor version feels comfortable from the first fitting. This fabric is available in different versions: matt, shiny, and with a leather look. 

Be your own stylist with BIRKENSTOCK women's collection

The BIRKENSTOCK'S success is based on a family's dedication to the art of making shoes, which is inspired by the high quality of craftsmanship found in orthopedic shoes.

BIRKENSTOCK offers comfortable and modern sandals for all ages that should contribute to a more manageable and relaxed everyday life. If you need a new pair of sandals, then BIRKENSTOCK is the obvious choice. BIRKENSTOCK is an exception in the clothing industry, which is otherwise characterized by short-term fashion trends, as a BIRKENSTOCK shoe is created to be worn season after season. 

No matter what you're specifically looking for, you will find shoes that suit your taste at the BIRKENSTOCK store. Our footwear provides optimal foot comfort while being made of quality materials. This means that you can enjoy your BIRKENSTOCKS for a long time. 

Whether looking for new sandals, shoes, or boots, you have landed in the right place! Here, you'll find a vast selection of women's shoes, sandals, and accessories where quality is top-notch. Whether you want to buy footwear or accessories, you can be sure that you'll get a unique, well-designed, and durable product when choosing BIRKENSTOCK. So explore our store, and find your new look here! 

Do you have any questions about buying shoes or accessories at BIRKENSTOCK online shop? Then you can contact our customer service. Our consultants are always happy to help you.

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