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Women One Strap Sandals

Women one strap sandals

Summer is the perfect time to jump in a pair of gorgeous sandals and air your feet. Imagine going on holiday without the sandals in the suitcase - that would be a disaster! Such footwear is essential when the weather is sunny and your dream trip is waiting around the corner. One strap sandals can give you a refreshing look. At our BIRKENSTOCK store , you will find many different options, so you'll be able to create any summer outfit you like. Whether you are into a comfortable pair of sandals or some to be active in, our shop offers a large selection of shoes that speak to your taste and needs. Like all the other shoes we create, the common denominator for our women's one-strap sandals is a good comfort. You don't have to worry about sore feet in the summer heat when you buy your footwear from BIRKENSTOCK . We create products with specially designed soles that ensure maximum comfort and support your feet without losing a stylish design. Enjoy excellent footwear, even when it's hot! 

Find your style - discover a large selection of women one strap sandals

Before summer heat starts, it's important to find comfortable and breathable sandals. If you're looking for women's footwear that is especially suitable for long walks, then take a look at our BIRKENSTOCK collection. Here you will find one strap sandals in all colors and sizes. Also, you may choose between an upper made from skin-friendly, easy-clean Birko-Flor® or soft suede/nubuck leather, which feels like a second skin. What is more, most of our summer shoes have anatomically shaped cork-latex footbeds, which makes them highly comfy. We're sure that you'll find sandals suitable for your next big trip or summer activities at our store. 

In BIRKENSTOCK’S extensive selection of everyday women's sandals, you will find both one strap models, as well as two straps sandals, and more. 

If you are looking for comfortable summer footwear for work, party, or everyday walks, our large selection of beautiful sandals in many different patterns, fresh colors, and materials will certainly meet your expectations. All our sandals are easy to wear. So they'll provide you with a perfect combination between comfort and appearance - you will definitely find a model that suits your taste! 

Satisfied summer feet in beautiful women one strap sandals 

Are you one of those people who immediately sticks in a pair of sandals when the sun sets high in the blue sky and provides for summer temperatures? In that case, we fully understand it. It feels so good - and as a sure sign of summer - let your feet get fresh air in a pair of comfortable sandals!

In our catalog, you will find a wide selection of women one strap sandals for any purpose: feminine and comfortable pairs that ensure satisfied feet for both everyday use and for summer beach parties - or solid and durable hiking sandals for hiking along an exciting path with only fresh air in the lungs (and the toes). Many might be tempted to think that sandals for outdoor life are a bit clumsy and not so smart. But then you can think again - at BIRKENSTOCK , we make both functional and beautiful sandals, which do brilliant both in the cityscape and hikes. 

Comfortable sandals in brilliant designs 

All BIRKENSTOCK summer shoes are known for providing extra comfort to your feet; the same applies to our women's one strap sandals. Our casual one strap models offer extra support for feet with an anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed, making each walk very pleasant. 

If you doubt which summer shoes suit your specific needs, don't hesitate to contact our customer service, who can help you with your choice. We have both women's one strap sandals, two strap models, and a lot of others. Our footwear is perfect for the beach, camping, sightseeing, or just walking around your house.

Find the right size, choose the style you want, and enjoy your new, durable, stylish, and comfy summer shoes. Our products would be an excellent fit for the women who need a pair of shoes that are easy to get into and will adorn everyday life. 

BIRKENSTOCK sandals are guaranteed to be a summer hit, as they will go wonderfully for a long dress, jeans, or any other outfit. 

When you have to walk far in your sandals, or they must be able to withstand stepping out of rocky paths or over damp grass areas, the sandal must give your foot the necessary support. Thus, your new summer footwear should be made from high-quality, durable materials. If you are looking for a perfect pair, check out our large selection of products. We assure you that your summer will be filled with marvelous adventures with our women one strap sandals, and your feet won't stop walking! Our company has been producing shoes since 1774! That is why we perfectly understand the needs of our customers, and we're able to create sandals that will satisfy everyone.

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