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Rejoice BIRKENSTOCK patrons! Since our online store has an almost infinite capacity to showcase products, we bring to you an online exclusive range that can be shopped on our website. With select options available in your favorite styles, we know you can’t resist the magnetism of a new BIRKENSTOCK sandal. Discover the range here.

BIRKENSTOCK Online Exclusive Range

The online exclusive range includes classic styles as well as modern designs in new color and material options. All materials ranging from leather and textile varieties, Birko-Flor, EVA, and cork to even adhesives are responsibly sourced or produced.  

The iconic footbed is the star of all footwear models. Inspired by footprints on the sand, its contours allow your feet to rest in a natural position even during movement. Its comfort perfectly complements the beautiful and minimal upper design.

Styling the BIRKENSTOCK Online Exclusive Range

Single/Dual Strap Sandals:

Arizona: A BIRKENSTOCK classic, the dual strapped sandal has remained a crowd favorite for decades. The online exclusive range has new color options in the regular, platform, soft footbed, shearling, big buckle, and Arizona Split variants. With a sandal as versatile as Arizona, why limit your styling option to one or few categories? Go on, let your fashion chameleon have a field day with these gorgeous unisex sandals.

Madrid: Another BIRKENSTOCK classic, Madrid is a single strapped slip-on sandal. With new color and material options available online, styling options will be unlimited! Pick your favorite pair depending on what you want to style it with: everyday casuals, dressy evening wear, athleisure, street style, etc.

Kyoto: Oriental aesthetic inspired Kyoto is a broad strapped slip-on sandal. It has a comfy and somber feel, making it the ideal sandal for casual wear, street style, and loungewear.

Atacama, Sierra: Dual strapped, sporty, and highly functional, Atacama and Sierra are slip-on sandals for men and women respectively. The former can be paired with athleisure, and both can be paired with casual wear.

Siena: The striking cross-strap sandal is an eye grabber. Pair it confidently with casuals, street style, and leisurewear.

Sydney: Attractive and flirty, Sydney features slender double straps. It is perfect for a dressy evening out as well as a casual leisurely day.

Multi-Strap Sandals:

Franca, Kumba: Strappy sandals with a boho-chic vibe paired with casuals and quirky ensembles make for the perfect look on holidays, weekends, and casual evenings.

Kalahari, Sonora: These sturdy sandals for women feature an ankle strap for extra stability and support. While Kalahari is sporty and perfect for athleisure wear, Sonora is more versatile and pairs well with everyday casuals and street style.


Bend, Gary: These lace-up shoes lend a casual, carefree vibe. Bend is a sneaker, while Gary is a flat shoe. Both pair well with relaxed, casual looks, structured semi-formals, as well as quirky street styles.

Honnef: Designed around the supremely comfortable Deep Blue footbed, Honnef is a class apart. Sturdy, easy to maintain, and visually appealing, it is ideal for adventurous holidays or active days. 

Pasadena: A sporty, stylish moccasin shoe, Pasadena is perfect for casual wear, street style, and semi-casuals.

Oswego: Casual and lightweight, the pull-up shoe will add a spring to your step. Pair Oswego with everyday casuals and street style for a cool, relaxed look.


Boston, Blair: The veritable classic Boston clog has been serving sophisticated style and unparalleled comfort for decades. The online exclusives include options in the regular, soft footbed, shearling, and super grip variants. Blair is similar to Boston, except for the dual adjustable straps on the upper design. The shearling variant is available exclusively on our website. Pair them with as many styles as you wish to!

Buckley: An open moccasin-style clog, it has a stitching detail that makes it distinct. Pair it with casuals and semi-casuals. 


Colorado, Derry, Mogami, Rio: The BIRKENSTOCK kids’ range is designed to maximize their adventurous and joyous spirit while maintaining stability and comfort. As versatile as kiddie whims, these sandals will pair well with everything in their wardrobe.

Thong Sandals:

Gizeh: The classic and popular thong sandal has exclusive styles available online in the regular, platform, soft footbed, and big buckle variants. Gizeh is a sandal you can never go wrong with. Wear it with almost everything in your wardrobe for a chic and sophisticated style elevation.

Honolulu: A sporty thong sandal made from EVA, it is perfect for waterside and poolside activities.

Kairo, Mayari:  Both thong sandals have a unique style. While Kairo is practical and minimal, Mayari is fun and comparatively maximal. Pair Kairo with everyday casuals, and wear Mayari for a boho-chic style.

Papillio Heels:

Glenda, Mary, Soley: The elegant platform and wedge heel sandals are a part of the Papillio Collection by BIRKENSTOCK. Feminine, classic, and versatile, this range is for women who do not want to compromise on comfort for style. These sandals will take you from a day-to-night look effortlessly.

Specialized Shoes:

Profi-Birki, Super-Birki: Specially designed for high-risk and high-activity professions, these shoes are made from hard-wearing and odorless Birko-Flor. They are anti-slip, washable, waterproof, and extremely sturdy. Preferred by professionals working in medical environments or kitchens, they can as easily transform as leisure shoes for gardening.

Ballet Flats:

Santa Ana: Feminine with an exceptionally good grip, Santa Ana is inspired by traditional ballet flats. These sandals can take you from an effortless day-to-night look.

Home Shoes:

Zermatt: The beautiful home shoe is the first BIRKENSTOCK model with a removable footbed. Wear it around the house for a sense of a snug hug for your feet.


Different kinds of socks are available for men, women, and kids. Ranging from the cotton sole, anti-slip-sole, and invisible socks, to patterned linen socks, you will find it all on the website.

A variety of insoles and footbed options are available as well.

Take your pick from this unique range and show us what you can do with your favorite BIRKENSTOCKS! Do not forget to tag us with #mybirkenstock to become a part of our Instagram look-book.

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