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Women Sandals

Birkenstock Women's Sandals - Your Search For Women Sandals Ends Here

Gone are the days when women sandals only served the functional purpose of protecting one’s feet. Today, everyone wants a piece of footwear that flatters and adds a style quotient. BIRKENSTOCK merges supreme functionality with style like no other. Whichever pair you go for, there is a sense of supreme comfort. Add to this a great variety of materials and designs and you have the perfect additions to your wardrobe. No matter whether you buy women sandals online or in our stores, you will be spoilt for choice!

What makes Birkenstock women sandals so special ??

BIRKENSTOCK ladies sandals are made from high-grade leather, textile, synthetic and blended fabrics. All materials are checked for skin compatibility. Each pair is produced with utmost details making it a truly special treat for your feet. All BIRKENSTOCK ladies sandals are made of the original BIRKENSTOCK footbed, which has a legacy of its own. The footbed makes you feel like you are walking on air, thanks to its foot-friendly construction. It takes the natural shape of the foot and provides cushioning, helping to ensure that the soles of your feet are never tired. The jute in the footbed helps reduce the moisture in the feet.

What are the different types of women’s sandals offered?

The intelligent design of the footwear means you would want to wear them everywhere you go! Whether you are at home wearing beach sandals that are easy to move around in like Barbados, Madrid and Siena, to the time you are in office wearing wedges and platform heels like Fanny, Mary or Elli, running around for meetings, BIRKENSTOCK women’s sandals are your best bet. For an after office party, you can quickly slip into women's strappy sandals (Mayari) that give you a good grip when you want to dance the night away. You can don a colourful pair of waterproof beach sandals for women or Yara sandals when you want to sunbathe. You can wear Kay SL clogs during the rainy season, when you want to keep your feet covered. Backstrap ones like Milano are great for long on foot trips whereas thong sandals like Gizeh are so versatile that you can even wear them with traditional outfits. Leather sandals for women are also available for those who want to up the style quotient. You can also wear different colours according to your mood!

What are some other features of women’s sandals?

  • Two types of widths - Many pairs like the Arizona models are available in two widths- regular and narrow. They are available in different types of leather like oiled leather, suede leather and even materials like Birko-flor.
  • Soft footbed for extra cushioning- This is for feet that need extra care. Whether it’s somebody who needs to move a lot or someone who needs to put in a lot of effort even for small movements, this is a great option. Zurich or Florida, whatever you choose, you can experience supreme comfort.
  • Colours and versatility- Sleek all black models or ones with different vibrant colours, BIRKENSTOCK has everything under the sun. Arizona sandals have colour coordinated adjustable metal pins that look extremely fashionable for both genders.
  • Made of ethically sourced materials- Every pair is produced sustainably and is made of premium materials free of harmful substances. The materials used are not only skin-friendly but also stand the test of time. Add to this the detailed hand craftsmanship and what results is a masterpiece. There are many vegan styles available as well that are equally stylish and comfortable.
  • Time-tested fashion- Every pair is an investment for years to come. From centuries back in Germany to the current international runways, BIRKENSTOCK comfortable sandals for women have never been out of fashion for a single day!

Gift yourself BIRKENSTOCK sandals for women today and experience the magic yourself.

A sustainable option for adventure lovers

What's common to all BIRKENSTOCK sandals is that there is a focus on high quality and a good fit so that they're comfortable to wear in everyday life - even after many hours of use. 

Moreover, BIRKENSTOCK is committed to environmental protection, and thanks to the durability of our products, they're sustainable by nature. 

So whether you need one strap sandals for bike rides, multi strap sandals for walking in the woods, a pair of women's beach sandals on vacation, or comfy clogs for hanging around camping, you'll definitely find a BIRKENSTOCK model matched to your needs. 

If you love walking long distances in a warm spring or summer, then a pair of two-strap sandals is an excellent thing to wear. After a long and hot day in closed shoes, it is an absolute joy to give your feet some air in a pair of good sandals when you reach the end of the day's stage. Warm and damp feet are a one-way ticket to blisters and chafing, and a good pair of sandals can do a lot to prevent this. In our wide selection, you'll find various sandal models, perfect for walking long distances.

Bring a pair of BIRKENSTOCK women's Sandals on your holiday

When you go on a summer holiday to a warm country, it's important to have comfy sandals with you. For example, a pair of high-quality women's backstrap sandals will make every city break exciting and effortless. On the other hand, if you're going to the beach, you must, of course, remember to pack your swimwear, as well as thong sandals.

If you're a fashion lover, consider buying sandals with fine little details and without large straps that go across the foot. 

If you want a timeless model, opt for wedge platform sandals, the ideal choice for daily use and special ceremonies. To create a raw, classic look, choose leather models that easily match with a smart, black dress. Simple, black colors never go out of style and can be updated with festive fabrics or details. Finally, don't forget to include in your wardrobe a comfortable sandal for walking or sightseeing. BIRKENSTOCK offers both comfortable and stylish premium footwear, ideal for long walks.

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