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Ever wished for the perfect heeled sandal that is both stylish and comfortable? We know every woman does. BIRKENSTOCK is here to fulfill this dream with the new Papillio Collection. We’re sure this range of sandals with super comfortable platforms and wedge heels is going to be your shoe rack staple soon.

What is the Papillio Collection?

Known for predominantly unisex options, BIRKENSTOCK has an all-new range designed especially for women. This women’s collection comprises fresh styles and some BIRKENSTOCK classics, too, reimagined with platform and wedge heels. Oodles of femininity combined with a distinctly minimal aesthetic and ultimate comfort make the Papillio Collection.

Despite the raised heel, the sandals put comfort first. The sunken-and-curved footbed allows your feet to maintain their natural relaxed position during movement. This range is a testament to BIRKENSTOCK’s undying commitment to stability over style.

Style Inspiration for the BIRKENSTOCK Papillio Collection

Versatile, feminine, and comfortable, sandals in the Papillio Collection are the new must-haves. Elegant and ever-stylish, these sandals are sure to become your new favorites. Here’s a style guide for these effortless platforms and wedge-heeled sandals:

Arizona Platform: The veritable classic is reimagined in a platform heel version for the Papillio Collection. It features two straps, each with an individually adjustable metal pin buckle. The grooved platform heel adds a feminine element to the timeless sandal without compromising on comfort and stability. Made from natural leather as well as vegan materials like Birko-Flor® and nubuck leather, Arizona Platform is available in pastels, neutrals, metallic finish, and animal prints. Pair them with everyday casuals, quirky street style, athleisure, and even semi-formals and dressy casuals. In short, be “versastyle”, you can never go wrong with these sandals!

Gizeh Platform: Another BIRKENSTOCK classic, Gizeh is a thong sandal. Featuring a toe post and a single strap with an adjustable buckle, the curved upper design asserts elegance in simplicity. The Papillio Collection includes the Gizeh Platform variant. The grooved heel adds a contemporary spin to the ageless sandal. Made from natural leather and Birko-Flor, it is available in a monochromatic color scheme. Pair it with everyday casuals, semi-casuals, and dressy ensembles.

Glenda: Feminine and functional, Glenda is every woman’s dream sandal. A platform sandal with a slightly flared wedge heel and a sunken footbed, Glenda seamlessly combines style with everyday function. The broad instep strap and the ankle strap with an adjustable metal pin buckle provide excellent grip and stability. Crafted from suede, natural leather, and textile materials, Glenda is available in a classic color range of brown, black, and khaki. The sandal can effortlessly take you from a day-to-night look. Pair it with casuals, semi-formals, and dressy ensembles.

Mary: Inspired by traditional Mary Janes, the BIRKENSTOCK Mary is anything but traditional. The upper design has a graphic slit at the front. The heel strap along with the sleek ankle strap ensure maximum stability even with the wedge heel. The round buckles add a touch of playful elegance.  Mary is made using natural leather in shades of black and brown. Pair the endearing sandals with formals, semi-formals, dressy casuals, evening wear, street style, etc.

Samira: Bold and stylish, Samira is a wedge heel sandal. The cross-strapped sandal also features an ankle strap for optimum grip. The rounded metal pin buckles make for a sober detail. The natural leather sandal is available in black. Striking and gorgeous, this sandal is for women who have an intrepid, outgoing style. Pair Samira with street style, everyday and dressy casuals, semi-formals, etc.

 Sibyl: Sibyl is an elegant wedge heel sandal from the Papillio Collection. The graceful narrow straps curve and envelop the feet like tendrils. The ankle strap provides stability, and the round metal pin buckle adds to the femineity of the sandal. Made from black natural leather, Sibyl is perfect for an evening out. Pair it with stylish evening wear, dressy casuals, and even street style.

Soley: Simple yet striking, Soley is a wedge heel sandal. It features a narrow instep strap and ankle strap with round adjustable metal pin buckles. The crisp and elegant design makes the sandal a highly versatile accessory. Made from natural leather in black and brown, Soley is ideal for women with a busy lifestyle. It can take you from day to night effortlessly, and with utmost comfort. Pair it with workwear, casuals, evening wear, street style, etc.

The BIRKENSTOCK Promise of Quality

We at BIRKENSTOCK ensure that all the materials we use, such as leather, textiles, cork, adhesives, etc. are responsibly sourced and produced. All the materials are high-quality, ensuring the longevity of our footwear. Constant checks are done to ensure that all the materials we use are skin-friendly and long-lasting. We have a set of detailed instructions on how to care for your BIRKENSTOCKS. If maintained and well cared for, they can last for years. We have an eye for detail that makes us, well, us.

Do not hold yourself back from experiencing the style and comfort of a BIRKENSTOCK sandal. We know you can’t resist these supremely comfortable and feminine styles. They are the sandals you want and need. Take your pick from our succinct Papillio range, and we promise you, you won’t be disappointed. Go on, shop now!

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