Men Beach Sandals

All hardworking men deserve a break. And during that break, all you men deserve to be stylish and comfortable. Curated especially for you, BIRKENSTOCK offers a range of sandals meant especially for leisurewear.

The BIRKENSTOCK range of beach sandals for men is delightfully attractive, immensely comfortable, and of course, waterproof. Designed especially for vacations and leisure, our EVA sandals will amp up your style quotient.

Waterproof Sandals for Men

No matter what your avenue of relaxation – a weekend trip or a long relaxing vacation, make sure to take along our EVA sandals with you. Available in multiple designs and color options, they lend a cool, breezy look to your holiday attire.

EVA is lightweight and waterproof. The material is elastic, odor-neutral, and skin-friendly. The production process involves melting and molding EVA particles. The beauty of this process is that no two pairs are the same, adding an element of the bespoke to your sandals. The high-quality material is flexible and tough, and it does not form stress cracks even after long-term wear. It is also shock-absorbent. Not just the upper, but even the anatomically shaped footbed is made from EVA, making the sandal 100% waterproof and washable.

Ideal for the poolside, beach, and spa, these waterproof EVA sandals can also be paired with everyday casuals and street style, depending on how experimental you are with your fashion. Sustainable, skin-compatible, and vividly colorful, wearing EVA sandals is an experience unto itself.

A Style Guide on Style Men’s Beach Sandals

No matter what your style, be it boho-luxe, casual, sporty, or classic, we got you covered. All you need for a great time is to pack your bags, pick a destination, and your favorite pair of BIRKENSTOCKS. Read on to know more about our exclusive range of men’s beach sandals.

Pick your favorite here:

Arizona: An unchanged BIRKENSTOCK model, Arizona is a crowd favorite. The slip-on sandal features two straps, each with adjustable buckles. The versatile sandal is available in bold and bright colors, for men who want to make their style statement loud and clear. For men who prefer subtle colors, a neutral palette is available, too. If you’re quirky, multicolor options can be a fun pick. The color-coordinated buckles add the right amount of sophistication to these cheery sandals. Take the sandals out for a leisurely walk on the beach or wear them at the poolside. Wear them with your swimwear, or something more casual such as shorts, open-buttoned shirts, linen trousers, printed t-shirts, etc. Conventional or unconventional there’s an Arizona for every man’s style.

Barbados: Sporty and easy to wear, Barbados is a mule sandal. The waterproof slides feature a single strap with a hexagon surface texture and BIRKENSTOCK logo lettering. Lightweight and ultra-comfortable, the slip-on sandals are available in bright colors, metallic colors, as well as a neutral color palette. Style them with beachy evening wear for a midnight beach party, or wear them to a luxurious resort. Style them with swimwear, oversized t-shirts, shirts, vests, etc. They will also pair well with athleisure.

Boston: The classic BIRKENSTOCK clog features the comfort of a closed shoe design with the ease of a slip-on sandal. The single strap with an adjustable buckle enables a custom fit. The Boston clog is lightweight, durable, and comfortable. Available in white, it makes a sophisticated style statement. Wear it to a casual brunch by the pool, a leisurely evening walk with your pet on the beach, or to a garden. It pairs well with loose pants, breezy shirts layered over vests, denim pieces, etc.

Gizeh: Minimal and elegant, Gizeh is a thin sandal. It has a toe post and single strap with an adjustable button. The smooth, curving design and color-coordinated buckles add sophistication to the sandal. Available in bright fruity colors as well as neutral shades, Gizeh makes for a versatile pairing with all kinds of ensembles. Wear to an event by the waterside, the beach, a walk in the garden, or a trip to a spa. Pair it with casual trousers, chinos, shorts, casual shirts, t-shirts, and even casual blazers.

Honolulu: Minimal and sporty, Honolulu is a thong sandal. It features a hexagon pattern on its toe strap. Highly functional and comfortable, it is available in bright as well as neutral colors. Wear it to a garden, the beach or poolside. It pairs well with ultra-relaxed clothing such as vests, t-shirts, loungewear, etc.

Madrid: Modern and minimal, Madrid is a slip-on sandal. It features a single strap with an adjustable buckle. The striking sandal is available in neutral shades. Wear them for a fancy dinner by the beach, a poolside rendezvous, or an evening walk in the garden. Wear it with loose cotton pants, vests with comfy overlays, shirts, shirts, etc.

BIRKENSTOCK Style and Comfort

The focus of BIRKENSTOCK has always been on sustainable design and production methods. High quality, responsibly sourced materials and contemporary designs ensure the long-term wear of our footwear. The contoured footbed is specially designed to maintain balance and ease during both activity and rest.

We aim to maximize your style and comfort, especially on your holidays. You will always find a BIRKENSTOCK sandal to match all your ensembles. Shop now, and add a BIRKENSTOCK sandal to your travel suitcase!

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