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Women Multi Strap Sandals

Women multi-strap sandals

When it's warm, everyone likes to wear airy open shoes, such as sandals. So, get rid of this brooding and sweaty closed footwear in which your feet seem to melt away. Wearing sandals doesn't have to mean a lack of support and comfort at all! When you think of comfortable, multi-strap women's sandals, you think of BIRKENSTOCK. And the secret of this comfort lies in the German craftsmanship and specially designed original BIRKENSTOCK footbed, which has a legacy of its own. The unique combination of materials and footbed's shape makes BIRKENSTOCK sandals supportive and very pleasant to wear - they're a true treat for your feet! 

The anatomical shape of footwear supports the feet and the natural tissue. As a result, BIRKENSTOCK sandals make less strain on joints and the back. The leg muscles are also trained. With such footwear, you'll easily last a whole day without getting sweaty feet. 

More and more different designs have been added to the BIRKENSTOCK women's sandals line in recent years. At our store, you'll find the finest women's beach sandals, as well as thong sandals and many more! There are models with colorful prints, such as bohemian style Florida with floral patterns and sandals in a uniform color, like black Franca. All of them are made from high-grade leather, synthetic, textile, and blended fabrics. And what's your favorite BIRKENSTOCK sandal? 

Comfort and sustainability is trendy

You have probably noticed that comfort is playing an increasingly important role in fashion. Clothes are becoming softer and more pleasant to wear, and nobody is surprised when you go out in cool sweatpants with a hoodie. This trend is called athleisure. We can also see a shift from high heels and elegant mules to comfortable sneakers and sandals in the shoe world. This season a striking number of sporty sandals with a large sole and wide straps emerged. BIRKENSTOCK perfectly blends supreme functionality with distinctive style. Thus, our footwear is eye-catching, good for your feet, and pleasant to walk on. When most sandals are very flat and offer hardly any comfort due to the few straps around your foot and ankle, our women's multi-strap models provide the highest comfort. In addition, sandals with a footbed often have wider straps (or more straps), which give your feet extra support. You'll notice that at the end of the day you spend long walks. What's more, BIRKENSTOCK cares for natural resources. We constantly work to improve our products, making them even more durable and sustainable.

BIRKENSTOCK women's multi-strap sandals - a must-have for travelers

Among BIRKENSTOCK enthusiasts, Madrid, Arizona, Gizeh, Yao, Yara, and Mayari are the famous names. They represent well-known Birkenstock collection lines. At our store, you can buy sandals in all kinds of models and colors. Yao models were designed for people who love stylish designs with a hint of luxury. 

These sandals have intersecting straps, which form an elegant geometric pattern. Thanks to the famous BIRKENSTOCK footbed, the Yao is both comfortable and stylish. If you're looking for an ultra-feminine model, go for Yara. It contains a very stylish, braided ankle strap, which will perfectly match any boho outfit. In addition, an anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed will provide you with comfort and support. 

How to wear BIRKENSTOCK women's multi-strap sandals?

The best footwear is the one that takes care of your feet and not the other way around. Luckily, we have many good sandals in our catalog so that your feet can feel comfortable for many hours, whether you are walking around the garden, dancing all night, or on your way out on the hiking trails. As soon as the good weather arrives, two-strap sandals or multi-strap models can be worn on all occasions. A pretty pair of one-strap sandals or thong sandals will match any beach outfit for seaside holidays: shorts, sarong, and swimsuit. And our wedge platform sandals with a dress or jeans are perfect for summer evenings. In our collection, you'll also find many pairs of classic backstrap sandals in sober colors such as brown or white, which are perfectly suitable for going to work. Common to all BIRKENSTOCK sandals is a focus on comfort, and therefore most of our models have straps, so the foot is supported and held well in place. What's more, our footwear's sole provides good shock absorption, so your feet can feel nice all day - even when you walk far. Many of our sandals are also made of natural and skin-friendly materials - they're perfect for spending the afternoon at the beach, sightseeing, or hiking. Also, BIRKENSTOCK is famous for high-quality, revolutionary Birko-Flor synthetic material. It's tear-resistant and easy-care. 

Everyday life can vary a lot, and therefore you'll find many different types of sandals, and women's clogs at our store. If you're looking for extraordinary summer footwear, buy a smart and stylish pair of BIRKENSTOCK'S women's multi-strap sandals that will comfortably carry you through town..

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