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Madrid Sandals

Are you looking for a sandal that pairs well with all your outfits? Don’t want a sandal limited only to western wear, but styles seamlessly with Indian wear too? You, dear fashionista, are in the right place.

For all your style solutions, BIRKENSTOCK offers you the stylish and modern Madrid. The clean, minimal design has quite a modern aesthetic while being timeless. The versatile sandal is available in a diverse range of materials, colors, and finishes. Its graceful lends itself easily to a day-to-night look. To make a style statement as versatile, elegant, and modern as you, shop the BIRKENSTOCK Madrid today.

The Modern BIRKENSTOCK Classic

One of the first styles ever designed by BIRKENSTOCK, Madrid continues to be a timeless crowd favorite. Minimal, edgy, and contemporary, Madrid is a unisex slip-on sandal. It features one strap with an adjustable metal pin buckle. In the case of Madrid, its simplicity and neatness enhance its elegance and effortlessness. The upper design is minimal, attractive, and of course, functional.

Madrid also features the iconic anatomically shaped BIRKENSTOCK footbed. Modeled on the impression of the natural footprint on sand, it is designed to allow the feet to rest in their natural position. The curves and contours of the footbed follow the curves of the sole, allowing your feet to experience unparalleled comfort during both, movement, and rest.

Made from oiled leather, nubuck leather, Birko-Flor, microfiber, etc., Madrid is the right balance of style and function. The plethora of materials finishes, and colors make this sandal a must-have accessory for any and every occasion and style.

Style Guide for Minimal Madrid

Madrid is the perfect coming-together of all things good: classic yet modern, minimal yet striking, and unchanged yet stylish. The super versatile sandal is available in various materials and finishes. Of course, the color palette is endless, and so are the variants!

Regular Madrid: The classic minimal sandal makes for a super versatile accessory. Owing to the plethora of material, finish, and color options, it is easier to pair with a variety of ensembles. Made from Biro-Flor, nubuck leather, and microfiber, you can find Madrid in neutrals, pastels, and earthy colors. The different finishes make it occasion- and look specific. The buckles change from metallic to color-coordinated depending on the sandal style. The matte sandals in solid colors are perfect for almost every kind of outfit, be it everyday casuals, semi-casuals, or street style. The metallic finish lends a sophisticated vibe and can be paired with evening wear, formal festive, and minimal dressy Indian wear. The patent finish paired with solid colors makes an audacious style statement. Pair it with power dressing or street style for a bold look. The iridescent and sparkle finish add a playful charm to the sandals. Ideal for a casual evening ensemble, it also makes for a great pairing with street style and quirky ensembles. The animal skin textured sandals lend a wild, carefree, and spirited vibe. Pair them with dressy resort wear ensembles, or with party ensembles to make a strong style statement.

Madrid Big Buckle: The minimal sandal is made bolder by the big buckle. The metallic big-buckle adds striking, stylish detail to the otherwise understated sandal. Madrid big buckle is available in materials like natural leather, oiled leather, nubuck leather, and velvet. The big buckle ranges from gold, and silver, to color-coordinated styles, depending on the sandal material and color. The pastel and earthy colored sandals in matte finish are perfect for daywear and pair well with casuals, street style, and athleisure wear. The patent-finished sandals in earthy and neutral colors make for a bold and attractive accessory. They pair well with formals, semi-formals, and even formal evening wear. Metallic finished Madrid is perfect for semi-formal and dressy day-to-night ensembles. The jewel-toned velvet sandals are great for an elegant evening out. Pair them with modern and chic Indian wear, elegant evening wear, and luxe street style.

Madrid EVA: Lightweight, waterproof, and odor-free, the EVA variant of Madrid is truly one of a kind. Available in black and white color options and color-coordinated buckles, Madrid Eva is perfect for the waterside. It pairs well with beachwear and swimwear, apart from resort wear, everyday casuals, and street style.

Sustainable and Conscious Design by BIRKENSTOCK

We at BIRKENSTOCK ensure that all the materials sourced and produced are sustainable. Be it leather, latex, cork, or textile materials, we ensure that no harm is done to the environment during production. 98% of the adhesive we use is water-soluble. We use only high-quality materials to ensure the longevity of the sandal. If well cared for, BIRKENSTOCKS can last for years. The timeless designs lend a modern look to the sandals, making them stylish even years later.

Madrid is the accessory that you can never go wrong with. Attractive, versatile, and minimal, it is sure to add brownie points to your style game and confidence. To show us how you style your favorite BIRKENSTOCK Madrid, don’t forget to engage on social media and tag us with #mybirkenstock. Happy shopping, happy styling!

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