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Women Big Buckle Sandals

What if you had a pair of sandals that could take you from day to night, pair well with all your outfits, and make you stand out in a crowd? With BIRKENSTOCK, you get all three in one: our big-buckled styles. Contemporary, chic, and elegant, these footwear models will amp up your confidence and style.

The Big-Buckled Elegance

BIRKENSTOCK always aims to evolve styles that are versatile and contemporary. To add to the glamour quotient and give a sense of extravagance, we decided to elevate one of our favorite elements: the buckle.

Bigger and bolder, the big buckle refined our classic styles and added an elegant definition. By adding changing up an otherwise insignificant element, we introduced an air oomph to otherwise understated styles. The beautiful metallic sheen makes the sandals attention-grabbing. Eye-catching, attractive, and audacious, the big-buckled BIRKENSTOCKS will raise your style game to another level.

We never compromise on the comfort level our sandals provide. All our footwear models feature the iconic anatomically shaped footbed. Based on the concept of foot impressions on sand, the footbed is designed to allow your feet to maintain natural stance even during erratic and hectic activity. The contours allow the feet to rest comfortably and reduce strain on pressure points.

Style Guide on Big-Buckled BIRKENSTOCKS

The luxurious big-buckled BIRKENSTOCKS make for striking accessories to complement your ensembles. No matter what your style, there is a sandal available to suit all your fashion preferences.

Arizona: The classic and unchanged model is a unisex slip-on sandal. It features two straps, each with an individually adjustable metal pin buckle. The big-buckled variant features gold, silver, or color-coordinated big buckles depending on the style. Arizona big-buckle is available in natural leather, oiled leather, nubuck leather, and velvet. Even the shearling-lined Arizona has a big buckle option. The striking buckle adds a glam quotient to this sandal. The versatile color palette consisting of neutrals, earthy colors, jewel tones, pastels, and pop colors makes this sandal easy to pair with most clothes in your wardrobe. Pair Arizona boldly with casuals, street style, semi-formals, dressy outfits, etc.

Boston: Another BIRKENSTOCK classic, Boston is a unisex clog. It features a closed-toe pattern along with the ease of a slip-on sandal. The single strap features a big adjustable metal pin buckle that enables a custom fit. Adding another element of elegance to this beautiful sandal, the big gold buckle makes this model even more attractive. Crafted from nubuck leather in maroon and beige, Boston big buckle is a definite head-turner. Pair it effortlessly with formals, semi-formals, and evening ensembles. It can easily take you from a day to night look.

Gizeh: Simple yet outstanding, Gizeh is elegance personified. The unisex thong sandal features a toe post and a single strap with a big adjustable metal pin buckle. The curved design of the sandal is pleasing to the eye, its look heightened by the metallic sheen of the big gold or silver buckle. One of the options even features a gorgeous buckle with a rainbow effect. Made from natural leather, oiled leather, and nubuck leather, you can opt for any of the neutral shades, or even the apricot hue if you’re feeling adventurous! Pair Gizeh with elegant casual wear, evening wear, semi-formals, and street style.

Madrid: The minimal Madrid is a slip-on sandal. It features a single strap with a big adjustable metal pin buckle. The gold or silver big buckle adds a glamorous eye-catching detail to the sophisticated and understated sandal. Madrid big buckle is made from materials like velvet, Birko-Flor, natural leather, oiled leather, and nubuck leather. A shearling-lined variant is available as well. Take your pick from monochromatic shades, neutral colors, jewel tones, pop colors, and pastels in metallic finish. It lends a chic look to street style, dressy ensembles, elegant everyday wear, and semi-casuals.

Siena: The exclusive Sienna is a slip-on sandal. It features cross straps and a single big adjustable metal pin buckle. The understated design with an open-selvage finish has a classic yet rustic charm. The big gold or silver buckle adds a subtle element of elegance to the sandal. Made from oiled leather and available in neutral colors, Siena big buckle balances style and sophistication perfectly. Pair it with everyday casuals, athleisure wear, and street style.

Big-Buckled Accessories

Kansas: Minimal and classic, Kansas is a unisex belt. The 40mm belt made from oiled leather features a big silver buckle with an embossed logo. It adds an attractive detail to the simple belt. It can be paired with every style your mood fancies.

The Ethos of Sustainability

All the materials we produce, and source are sustainable. We believe in environment-friendly practices. Even our production processes are ethical. Be it jute, leather, metal, or even adhesive, they are all sourced keeping the environment in mind. All the materials are constantly checked for skin compatibility as well to ensure we give you the best wearer experience.

The panache and appeal of big-buckled BIRKENSTOCKS are undeniable. For an instant boost of style, confidence, and glamour, shop your favorite pair of BIRKENTOCKS today!

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