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Men Clogs

Cool, Contemporary, and Comfortable Clogs by BIRKENSTOCK

Classic clogs are a wardrobe staple. The closed design guarantees a firm grip, and the slip-on style provides ease of wear. BIRKENSTOCK brings to you a collection of men’s clogs, designed to delight you aesthetically and functionally. Diverse in terms of style, wearability, and functionality, BIRKENSTOCK clogs are sure to meet all your professional, home, social, and workwear needs. Read on to discover the clogs collection for men:

BIRKENSTOCK Men’s Clogs for the Win

Every man needs a pair or two of footwear that couples well with almost everything. For men who don’t prefer open-toed styles, our versatile, sturdy, and sophisticated clogs are your unbeatable choice. BIRKENSTOCK clogs are go-to models for everything ranging from formals, casuals, loungewear, to even specialized occupational wear.

Some clogs feature one or two straps with adjustable metal pin buckles. All of them have the iconic anatomically shaped footbed, therefore maximizing your comfort level. Crafted from the finest materials, clogs are a wardrobe essential.  

The best part? They can be worn all year round. Apart from summer attires, they can also be paired with winterwear, owing to the closed upper design and shearling variants.

Style Inspiration for BIRKENSTOCK Men’s Clogs

The most specialized range of clogs for men is here. There’s a clog designed for every necessity, be it everyday chic, homey ease, or specialized occupations. Available in high-quality materials, multiple color options, and footbed requirements, find your favorite pair of clogs here:

Everyday Clogs:

For men who find comfort of ordinary life, lead their work lives in a set routine, spend the weekend out and about and yet are always stylish, here are some clogs that’ll prove to be ideal everyday company:

Boston: A BIRKENSTOCK classic, the Boston clog is like a warm hug for the feet with the ease of a slip-on sandal. Available in various upper material and footbed options, the clog allows for versatile styling. The monotone to earthy color palette offers sophistication and matches effortlessly with most of your wardrobe. Boston pairs well with everything ranging from formals, semi-casuals, to dressy evening ensembles. The shearling-lined variant is ideal for winters. EVA variant works well for waterside. Vegan variants are available as well. For men who want a little extra glam, opt for the big-buckled variant. Take your Boston from a busy workday to a social evening out. The clog is ideal for men who have a formal, semi-formal, minimal, and crisp dressing sense.

Nagoya: Taking design inspiration from Boston, Nagoya is a clog with a Velcro fastener. The color-coordinated footbed and dual rivet detailing adds a chic and robust look. The high-quality material and earthy color palette ensure that the clog is durable and styles well with your apparel. The informal design makes Nagoya ideal for day casuals and glitzy evenings. It is ideal for men who have a quirky, laid-back style preference.

Niche Clogs:

BIRKENSTOCK cares for everyone, including people working in niche professions. The following range of clogs is designed and developed especially for men working in demanding, risky workspaces:

Tokio: The BIRKENSTOCK Tokio Super Grip clog is designed especially for professionals who are required to be on their feet all day. The non-slip sole, the flexibility of movement, rubber tread, and an additional backstrap: all these elements ensure sure-footedness and optimum comfort during demanding hours. Though highly appreciated by medical professionals and kitchen service staff, Tokio is equally eloquent with everyday chic ensembles.

Kay: Bringing together the best of Boston and Tokio, Kay is the ideal clog for men working particularly in the medical environment. Featuring dual adjustable straps, the upper instep strap can be folded back as the backstrap, thus providing additional support. The non-slip sole is also oil and grease resistant. An extra layer of soft padding ensures your feet always feel at rest, even during intense and prolonged activity.

Super-Birki: A very special clog, Super-Birki is made from water-resistant and dirt-repellent PU. Its compact design ensures the foot is well protected from all sides. The resilient material allows for easy wash and care, making the clog very hygienic. The anti-slip sole is also grease and oil resistant. As perfect as it is for kitchens, the medical environment, and the food industry, it can be worn even while gardening.

Profi-Birki: A clog with a well-covered design, Profi-Birki is the preferred footwear in many professions. The washable material and non-slip sole make it hygienic and sturdy. Especially favored by long-term hospital employees and kitchen service staff, Profi-Birki is truly a one-of-a-kind BIRKENSTOCK model.

Home Clogs:

For men who are stay-at-home partners, working from home, or simply spending a relaxing weekend indoors, our home clogs are your top choice. Take your pick from:

Zermatt: An understated home slipper, Zermatt is a cozy embrace for your feet. It has a removable footbed, allowing you to change it as per comfort and preference. A metal rivet adds a smart detail to the minimal slipper. Ideal for a relaxing day in, it pairs well with ultra-comfortable loungewear and casuals.

Amsterdam:  Clean and minimal, Amsterdam is also a home slipper. The extended upper shaft provides extra cover and grip. It is perfect for a day spent at home. It pairs well with loungewear and casuals.

The Comfort of BIRKENSTOCK Clogs

BIRKENSTOCK’s attention to detail ensures a seamless footwear experience. Sustainable, high-quality materials combined with a technically comprehensive fit makes for an ideal pair of clogs for your feet.

For all you wonderful men out there, we aim to indulge you with the most luxurious, comfortable, and beautiful pair of clogs you’ve ever come across. So, take your pick from our shop, and allow us to welcome you to our BIRKENSTOCK world.

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