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Women Two Strap Sandals

Women two straps sandals

Sandals have been used for almost 3000 years and are thus one of the oldest footwear pieces we know. However, the popularity of these shoes hasn't diminished during this time, and there is a reason why men and women still wear sandals. 

This kind of shoe is simple, comfortable, compact, versatile, and today we mainly use it in the warm months to get air and sun to our feet. 

At BIRKENSTOCK, we have gathered a vast collection of women's sandals of all kinds, so you can quickly get an overview and buy your next pair with a few clicks. You'll also find two strapped sandals in earth-colored shades perfect for the beach or the park at our store.

With a beautiful A-shaped skirt or an airy maxi dress, these summer shoes will make you look stylish in any situation. Choose a pair of colorful, metallic sandals to create a fashionable contrast to a minimalist outfit, and add a baseball cap to achieve the final casual touch.

Feel trendy & comfy this summer

No matter what your favorite style is, you'll need sandals sooner or later. When summer starts, suddenly, the winter boots have to be packed and replaced with all sorts of lighter shoes. Since there are so many different types of sandals, it's helpful that BIRKENSTOCK has them all. Discover our exclusive collection of stylish women's two straps sandals, which will be a perfect choice when you holiday. Of course, it's nice to have a pair of sandals on the beach, but BIRKENSTOCK models are so comfy that you'll wear them everywhere. You'll find women's two strapped sandals at our store for every occasion, even if you are just looking for another pair for your collection. The straps make them hold well on foot, even if you run. 

Straps are also often a decoration, which gives the sandal its unique look. 

BIRKENSTOCK products are created with attention to detail, from high-quality materials, thanks to which they're a must-have in any summer wardrobe. In addition, we sell both wide and narrow sandals, so you'll undoubtedly find a pair that is right on your feet.

Two strapped sandals for the quality-conscious woman

At our store, you'll find sandals in different colors, materials, and designs, and therefore there is something for every taste in our range. Choose a neutral color if you want to go for the classic look, or go with a more daring color if you want to spice up your outfit. At BIRKENSTOCK , you can choose between different footbeds and upper materials, so you'll quickly find sandals, which matches and pleases your feet! Brighten up a simple outfit with summer shoes with a cheerful print and make your feet real eye-catchers. These airy and comfortable shoes are perfect for warm days. Whether you choose trendy one strapped sandals, or summer two strapped models, in our extensive collection, you'll always find a pair that suits you completely! Don't forget to give your toenails a nice color, and your new sandals will shine around your feet. Feminine, stylish and summery in one!  

Go far in your new sandals!

Do you want to buy classic women's sandals with subtle two straps? Are you looking for a comfortable pair that you can walk in for a long time? Then check our large selection of high-quality models. For art lovers, we recommend hand-painted, watercolor pairs, like Sydney. These can be easily combined in various ways with your favorite outfit! 

What's more, after years of testing, BIRKENSTOCK created a skin-friendly, synthetic material, which is entirely free of animal products. So, if you're a vegan, and looking for a new pair of sandals, check out our models with the upper made from Birko-Flor® material.

When you go far, your feet need air, and sandals can help. All BIRKENSTOCK two strapped sandals sit really well and tight around the foot, and straps can be easily adjusted to achieve the perfect fit. The bottoms are made of a comfortable material to walk on, providing optimal support for your soles. Moreover, several other factors make our sandals perfect for long walks.

A wide selection of women's two strapped sandals for all tastes

Are you looking for comfortable summer shoes for enjoying evening walks in the city? Or maybe you need a pair of sandals suitable for long trips? At BIRKENSTOCK , we have exactly what you need. Our footwear is not only high-quality but every model was designed and created with love. Thus, wearing our two strapped sandals, you'll feel comfy and stylish. 

BIRKENSTOCK company has existed since 1774, so we precisely understand our customers' needs.

Based on different tastes and styles, we created several collections, thanks to which everyone can find their favorite sandal silhouette. So dive into our catalog, and meet Arizona, Delft, Sydney, Yao, and Zurich styles. Each of them is one of a kind, and you can choose their material, color, and size. Feel free to contact our customer support if you happen to have any questions. We will happily help you find your dream pair of sandals. 

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