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Every season, BIRKENSTOCK adds new elements to the already brilliant collection of footwear. For the current season, BIRKENSTOCK launches a range of alluring colors, new models, and a fresh style statement, especially for women. The spring/summer women’s range of footwear is as practical as it is stylish. From ultra-feminine styles to specialized occupational shoes, we are determined to cater to any and every footwear need, for every style and occasion.


BIRKENSTOCK is known for its minimal style and unparalleled comfort. Our footwear is made using only high-quality materials.  All our materials, such as leather, textile options, nubuck leather, EVA, Birko-Flor, cork, jute, adhesives, etc. are sustainably sourced and produced. We believe in fulfilling our responsibilities toward the planet. Good materials ensure longevity and sustained grip of the sandals.

Our shoes and sandals feature the iconic contoured footbed, which is designed to provide ultimate comfort and promote good foot health. The shape of the footbed with its rises and indentations ensures that your feet can maintain their natural stance even while walking. This in turn aids your gait and helps with your posture.

Style Guide for the BIRKENSTOCK Range for Women

Single Strap Sandals:

Tema, Barbados: Both these slides are made from the waterproof material EVA. Sporty, casual, and colorful, these slides will pair well with beachwear, swimwear, athleisure, and everyday casuals.

Zurich, Kyoto: Both these slip-on sandals are extremely stylish and comfortable. their neutral color palette enhances their sophisticated simplicity. Pair either of them with casuals, loungewear, and street style.

Madrid: Simple yet elegant, Madrid is a BIRKENSTOCK classic. The minimal sandal is super adaptable and is available in regular and big buckle variants. The vast color palette and finishes add another layer of versatility and personal style to the sandal that can be paired with literally everything in your wardrobe.

Thong Sandals:

Gizeh: The ever-classic Gizeh is a popular BIRKENSTOCK model. The thong sandal is available for women in many variants like regular, soft footbed, vegan, EVA, big buckle, and platform heels. The myriad color options range from neutrals, pastels, pops, and earthy to metallic and patent finish to floral prints. Pair it with anything you want.

Honolulu: The EVA sandal is perfect for wearing at the waterside with beachwear or swimwear. The quirky colors make Honolulu attractive.

Kairo: The thong sandal with an ankle strap is available in gorgeous colors and works best for casual and semi-casual ensembles.

Mayari: The dual strapped thong sandal with a toe post has a cool boho-chic vibe. Pair it with everyday casuals and quirky street style, as the wide range of colors and prints available will add a hit of character to your ensembles.


Boston: A veritable BIRKENSTOCK classic, the Boston clog is a versatile accessory. Available in the regular, soft footbed, and the super-grip variants in a wide range of colors, Boston makes for the perfect pairing with formals as well as casuals.

Buckley: The semi-open moccasin style clog has a distinctly casual style. The pastel color palette adds a laid-back charm.

Dual Strap Sandals:

Arizona: The most loved BIRKENSTOCK model, Arizona is a slip-on sandal. the basic yet uber-stylish sandal is available in the regular, soft footbed, big buckle, split, vegan, EVA, and platform variants for women. Available in an endless range of colors and finishes, there is an Arizona for every style and occasion. Pair it with everything you own, and this sandal won’t fail you!

Siena: The beautiful cross-strapped sandal is like no other. Equal parts casual and classy, Siena is available in earthy shades. Pair it effortlessly with casuals and evening wear.

Sydney, Sierra: While Sydney is girly and elegant, Siena is sporty and practical. The formal is available in a metallic finish and floral prints. The latter is available in neutral shades. Though both sandals have varied styles, they can be paired with casual wear, depending on your style preferences.

Multi Strap Sandals:

Blanca, Franca, Kumba: The ultra-feminine strappy sandals have narrow cross straps at the instep. While Franca is a slip-on sandal, Blanca and Kumba have an additional ankle strap. Pair these stylish sandals with prominently girly ensembles.

Milano, Sonora: These backstrap sandals are casual and sporty. They can be worn every day effortlessly.

Yao: The asymmetric strappy sandal has a quirky visual appeal that lends well to street style and casuals.


Glenda, Mary, Samira, Sibyl, Soley: The elegant platform and wedge heel sandals are a part of the Papillio Collection. The comfort quotient of the sandals remains intact despite the height. They are available in neutral shades of tan and black. Pair them with formals, casuals, semi-formals, evening wear, and much more.


Bend, Gary, Oswego, Pasadena: The casual shoes from BIRKENSTOCK are the answer to your everyday style needs. Be it sporty, carefree, lazy, dressy, or semi-formal, these shoe styles will have you covered.

Honnef: A special shoe designed around the Deep Blue footbed, Honnef is a supremely comfortable choice for women who have a long day of activity and adventure ahead.

London, Montana: Both London and Montana define elegant simplicity. The minimal and somber shoes are your ideal companions for formals, semi-formals, and casuals.

Specialized Shoes:

Profi-Birki, Super-Birki: For women working in specialized occupations that are demanding and require them to be on their feet all day, these specialized variants made from PU are a must-have. They are waterproof, skid-proof, easily washable, oil/grease-resistant, and highly comfortable.

To all the gorgeous women out there, the world of BIRKENSTOCK awaits, filled with unbeatable style and comfort. What are you waiting for? Grab your favorite pair and flaunt your BIRKENSTOCKS every day!

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