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BIRKENSTOCK stands for assured quality, amalgamating comfort and function in the world of footwear. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of dress shoes or something sturdy to keep your feet warm during the winter - BIRKENSTOCK has it all.

Why BIRKENSTOCK shoes for men?

When you’re shopping for shoes, you want something as stylish as it is comfortable.  BIRKENSTOCK brings both qualities in all their footwear styles that look and feel good.

With our range of Boston footwear, you will meet the perfect combination of casual decadence and high comfort in a day-to-night style. Read on for our picks of the best of the comfy Boston clogs!

A style guide for men’s clogs

As the world becomes more aware of men’s fashion choices, men are beginning to look beyond the basic black shoe. BIRKENSTOCK brings captivating options for men looking for more than just a pair of formal shoes.

The Clogs Selection:


The classic Boston clog is designed to take you from a bustling workday to a dressy evening out. It adds classic charm to your ensembles and is made for those biased towards classic, effortless style.

This versatile style can be worn all year round, and the high-quality construction ensures unbeatable comfort. The soft Piumato leather footbed and natural leather upper constitute the perfect men’s clog that you’ll love.

Boston Super Grip

These are the perfect clogs for winter if you’re someone who’s constantly on the go. The Boston Super Grip comes armed with a non-slip outsole that makes it next to impossible for you to ever stumble in these shoes. Given the quality and durability of every pair of shoes that we get from BIRKENSTOCK, these clogs can be worn all year round for years to come. The Boston Super Grip is giving you what you want from all sectors of your life— comfort and stability.

Boston ESD

Do you work in a highly sensitive area, perhaps like the semiconductor industry? This versatile shoe features a classic look and reliable protection from electrostatic discharge, making it perfect for the office or the lab.

Experience the comfort and benefits of clogs combined with reliable protection in the Boston ESD.

Boston Soft Footbed

BIRKENSTOCK offers extra comfort with this men’s clog by adding a layer of foam to create footwear that makes you want to curl up and go to sleep in. This is ultimate comfort footwear at its very best. Pair with light-colored jeans and your favorite socks!

Boston Shearling 

BIRKENSTOCK switches out the standard natural leather for suede to give you a clog that truly pops while remaining oh-so-understated! With its natural lambskin footbed and strap lining, this shoe is sure to keep your feet warm all winter long. Whether you're relaxing by an open fire or braving the cold outdoors, these clogs are a perfect choice.

These stand out from the other clogs in this range because of their sheer color and feel, and the white lambskin footbed that peeks out from underneath your feet.

Super Birki

The wide selection of colors in the Super-Birki collection makes it versatile for use in varied occupational and personal settings. This compact men’s clog is made from water-resistant and dirt-repellent material is also oil-and grease-resistant. The material’s resilience makes it amenable to washing and efficiently disinfecting. Its hardiness and hygiene properties lend it to kitchens, medical facilities, as well as on-floor hustle such as restaurant floors, while equally practical in the garden.

The anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed is lined with a moisture-wicking removable fabric. category). That makes it as ideal for rigorous work wear as much as a relaxed outdoorsy day in the midst of your greens with your overalls!


The Profi Birki was made to offer a snug grip and sure-footedness across work environments. Its raised heel section and extended front allows enclosing the entire foot and lends confidence to your strides. The nonslip sole proves is ideal on smooth flooring in places like large departmental stores, restaurants, and even clinical environs.

Employees in hospitals, the food industry, and kitchens swear by the comfort of the Profi Birki. Just like the Super-Birki, the Profi-Birki offers outstanding hygiene properties: water- oil- and grease-resistant, washable and easily disinfected!

Now put on your uniforms and hit the work-floor confidently!

Supreme Comfort and Style of BIRKENSTOCK Shoes

High-quality materials, an iconic contoured footbed, and contemporary designs: all make for the

unmatched BIRKENSTOCK experience. With our range of shoes, you never have to worry again about finding the right fit. Indulge in the comfort of a BIRKENSTOCK clog, now.

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