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Professional Shoes

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The best thing about a Monday morning for a professional is possibly waking up to freshly brewed coffee, crisp ironed clothes to tackle a busy schedule ahead of a challenging day. To add to your productive week, we at BIRKENSTOCK have something special to ease your feet.

BIRKENSTOCK brings to you a collection of professional shoes, designed to suit all your workwear needs while providing unparalleled comfort and characteristic minimal style. Read on to know more about the professional shoe collection:

BIRKENSTOCK Professional Shoes

The perfect pair of shoes is every man’s dream, and even more so for men with precise footwear requirements. Our specially designed and curated range of professional shoes offers a never-seen design and wearer experience. Designed for specialist occupations as well as everyday office wear, these shoes are sure to become your shoe-rack constants for the long haul.

Featuring raised specialized soles, straps with adjustable buckles, extended upper design, etc., each of these shoes include the iconic anatomically shaped BIRKENSTOCK footbed that maximizes your comfort level. These shoes are long-lasting and functional, given the durable, high-quality materials that go into their making.

A Guide for BIRKENSTOCK Men’s Professional Shoes

BIRKENSTOCK brings to you the most exclusive kinds of professional footwear options. For men in specialized professions, we have developed a range of niche footwear suitable for jobs that require high-safety. Superior quality materials, specially engineered designs, and attention to necessary details make these workwear shoes a coveted accessory. 

Super-Birki: Functional and durable, Super-Birki is a work shoe made from PU (polyurethane). The shoe has high coverage and encloses the feet fully. It is water-resistant, dirt-repellent, and oil and grease-resistant. The material is washable and can be easily disinfected, giving it a high hygiene level. The footbed, lined with moisture-wicking fabric, is also removable and washable. The contoured footbed provides comfort to your feet during long, active working hours. The highly resilient shoe makes for a perfect workwear option. Available in neutral shades, it is the ideal shoe for professionals working in kitchens, medical environments, and the food industry. It is equally amenable to be worn as a garden shoe.

Profi-Birki: Efficient and practical, Profi-Birki is a professional shoe made from PU. The enclosed shoe has a raised heel section and an extended front that aids the natural rolling motion while walking. The oil and grease-resistant shoe is washable and easy to clean. The removable footbed is washable as well. The non-slip sole ensures surefootedness and firm grip even on smooth walking surfaces. The work shoe is available in neutral colors and is highly preferred by professionals in the food and medical industries.

Boston ESD: The Boston clog is a classic BIRKENSTOCK model. It offers the grip and comfort of a closed shoe with the ease of a slip-on sandal. It features a single strap with an adjustable metal pin buckle. The ESD variant offers protection from electrostatic discharge. Specially engineered to be worn in sensitive areas, the leather upper and the anatomically shaped footbed offer comfort during long hours of wear. This clog is preferred by professionals in the semiconductor industry.

Boston Super-Grip: The classic Boston clog made from natural leather has a closed shoe design with the ease of a slip-on sandal. The single strap with an adjustable metal pin buckle enables a custom fit. The Super-Grip variant features a dual-component sole: cushioning midsole made from EVA and a non-slip outsole made from natural rubber. This Boston variant is highly balanced and comfortable and promotes stability. Available in black, it is preferred by people working in special professions such as food and medical industries. The versatile model can also be paired with everyday business formals or casuals.

Tokio Super-Grip: Functional and sturdy, Tokio Suer-Grip is a BIRKENSTOCK clog design. The enclosed shoe pattern features a backstrap along with the front strap, each with adjustable metal pin buckles. It has the ease of a slip-on sandal and a non-slip sole. The dual-component sole consists of a cushioning EVA midsole and an oil and grease-resistant rubber outsole. Designed for wearers whose work demands staying on their feet for hours, it provides comfort and ease during the rolling motion of walking, and even at rest. Tokio Super-Grip is available in black. It is preferred by people working in medical professions or kitchen serving staff.

Kay: Modern and reliable, Kay Super-Grip has the best of both Tokio and Boston. The clog features double straps, one o which can be folded over as the backstrap for extra support. The individually adjustable metal pin buckles enable a custom fit. The anti-slip dual-component sole is oil and grease-resistant. Kay is durable, flexible, and balanced. It is highly coveted for its grip and surefootedness. It aids in the rolling motion of walking and ensures your feet are eternally comfortable during extended hours of work activity. It is preferred by professionals working in the medical and food industry.

The Comfort of BIRKENSTOCK Shoes

The attention to detail given to each of these sandals is nothing short of a matter of great importance to us. Wearing a BIRKENSTOCK shoe is an experience: a luxurious, comfortable, and an exceptional one.

We invite all you wonderful men to indulge yourself in our world full of immeasurable comfort and luxury. Take your pick and shop now!


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