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Men Collections

BIRKENSTOCK brand stands for tradition, innovation, and highest quality. When it comes to men’s sandals, the company does not accept any compromises, always guided by a pragmatic approach and values. Only in this way durable and solid footwear can be created.

The most comfortable men’s sandals ever made

BIRKENSTOCK produces sandals that are a refuge for your feet. The basic principle is: form goes hand in hand with functionality. We have been faithful to this motto for over 240 years. The unique design of the men’s sandals provides a timeless look that is a strong fashion manifesto. Combine your leather slippers for men with jeans, a polo shirt, or shorts – classic models fit virtually all informal and elegant styles. The highest quality BIRKENSTOCK men's sandals will delight all those who appreciate the stable structure and functionality of shoes, love fashion and design, and lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

The BIRKENSTOCK brand attaches great importance to ethical, environmentally friendly, responsible, and ecological production, creating durable and top-quality products. That is why the vast majority of men's footwear is made in Germany, partly by hand. The high-quality raw materials for the production of men’s footwear, such as cork, natural rubber, jute, and leather, come mainly from Europe. Thanks to this, each pair of BIRKENSTOCK footwear men's sandals guarantees durability and maximum wearing comfort.

New waterproof EVA sandals for men

The Madrid, Arizona, and Gizeh models are the most popular classics in the BIRKENSTOCK family. These models are a 1: 1 visual copy of the waterproof and lightweight EVA sandals. Of course, here too, you can rely on the renowned BIRKENSTOCK quality. EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is a high-quality, extremely light, flexible, and shock-absorbing plastic that perfectly compensates for uneven terrain. As a result, all steps are damped and gently cushioned. The anatomically shaped insole of the waterproof BIRKENSTOCK men’s sandals ensures perfect and unique wearing comfort. The odorless material is pleasantly soft, washable, and very durable. All this makes the EVA models an excellent alternative to the classic BIRKENSTOCK men's sandals and they are perfect especially at the pool, at the seaside, and on the beach.

Branded sandals for men – fashionable footwear for everyday use

Looking at these designs, it is impossible not to pay attention to a certain reference to the style of the 70s, the main component of which was hippie aesthetics. 

The BIRKENSTOCK brand's DNA is visible in each newly designed model. Vivid shades and well-polished finishes are essential here. Our number one is the characteristic flip flops for men made of natural leather. They go very well with summer trousers made of natural linen. A complementary element may be a light blue shirt with rolled-up sleeves. An interesting option is BIRKENSTOCK sneakers in various colors. They create a particularly successful styling with matching knee-length training pants and a loose, zipped hoodie. Noteworthy are also lace-up sports shoes covered with a soft and  pleasant-to-the-touch material, decorated with a fashionable seam. It is an excellent choice when you spend a lot of time outdoors. Your footwear may look exceptionally advantageous, especially when combined with navy blue or blue trousers and a light sweater in a neutral color.

Men's sandals the way you like it

As slippers, comfortable work shoes, leisure and EVA sandals: the BIRKENSTOCK makes the best sandals for men – perfect footwear for all who care about a very conscious lifestyle and attach importance to an original and unique appearance. You can choose from a variety of base models and countless designs depending on your preferences and occasion.

  • Single strap sandals Barbados – practical and versatile with a narrow or wide strap
  • Two-strap sandals Arizona – classic and comfortable with two adjustable straps
  • Slippers Davos – comfortable models to wear at home
  • Flip-flops Honolulu – fashionable sandals with a strap between toes
  • Clogs Boston – always  versatile and durable

Why choose BIRKENSTOCK men’s sandals?

What do you really value most when you choose branded sandals for men? If you are a lover of the highest quality and maximum comfort, and at the same time you like a timeless design, BIRKENSTOCK men's sandals may be the most interesting option for you. The brand's proposals are irreplaceable, especially in summer and on vacation. 

BIRKENSTOCK sandals for men are made from high-grade materials and have a unique anatomically shaped footbed with special support elements like a deep heel cup, heel mold, arch support, toe grip, and footbed edge. Each pair is made based on the foot’s natural shape which promotes health and helps the wearer stay active for many hours. Choose from leather sandals like Arizona or multi-strap ones like Lugano, there is no dearth of choice.

All BIRKENSTOCK men’s sandals are made of the original footbed with a strong structure made up of cork, jute, or suede layers. All this makes walking or even running an extremely enjoyable experience.

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