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Women Mayari Sandals

For all you effortlessly stylish women, BIRKENSTOCK offers a sandal that is equal parts playful and comfortable, balanced by the bar of adaptability. Say hello to Mayari, your new favorite accessory. Though Mayari is a unisex thong sandal, we have curated a special range for women, consisting of fresh colors and prints. The trans-seasonal sandal is available in variants suited for every style and lifestyle. Discover women’s Mayari sandals here.

The Stylish BIRKENSTOCK Mayari

Stylish and sprightly, Mayari is one of the most iconic and loved BIRKENSTOCK models. The thong sandal features a toe-loop and a single instep strap, both with adjustable metal pin buckles that enable a custom fit. Exuding boho-chic vibes, Mayari is super versatile and pairs well mostly with casual and dressy ensembles. It is the perfect sandal for amping up everyday style or taking it with you on a relaxing and luxurious vacation.

The sandal, of course, features the iconic anatomically-shaped footbed. The imprints in the sand served as inspiration for the design of the footbed, which is designed to keep your feet in their natural posture throughout activity and repose. In addition to the standard width, Mayari is also offered in a narrow footbed option.

The jaunty and quirky sandal is available in more than thirty options to choose from, all made using high-quality materials. The beautiful colors and textures will lend a distinct look to your ensembles, quickly making Mayari a shoe rack staple for women.

Styling the Versatile BIRKENSTOCK Mayari Variants

The BIRKENSTOCK Mayari woman is bold, fun, and practical, precisely the qualities mirrored in the jaunty thong sandal. Mayari has the power to brighten up your looks in an instant, allowing you to express yourself more fully through your wardrobe. It has a unique look that borders on a maximal style statement. Available in a plethora of color and material options in several variants, Mayari can take you from the mundane every day to an exotic vacation through its versatility. Explore the range here:

Regular Mayari: The versatile thong sandal is available in materials like velvet, Birko-Flor®, nubuck leather, oiled leather, etc. Take your pick from a wide array of colors and finishes. Bright colors are fun to wear while exploring the outdoors. Put it on for lazy outings like picnics, brunches, and strolls in the park. Sandals with an ethnic patterned sole with geometric designs lend a sense of quirk to an otherwise muted ensemble. The sandals with multicolored soles have a fresh, beachy vibe to them. You can't go wrong with a metallic sheen or a vibrant color palette when going out for the evening. You can wear it to semiformal events like dinner parties, house parties, and even romantic dinners out. Sandals with a patent finish are perfect for a casual get-together after work. Both earthy neutrals and pastels can be worn in a wide range of styles, from streetwear to more formal attire. Put them on for casual Fridays, weekend adventures, and more.

Mayari Soft Footbed: For those of you who want an extra dose of comfort, opt for Mayari soft footbed. Made from nubuck leather in pop, pastel, and neutral shades, the ultra-comfortable sandals are perfect for wearing with everyday casuals to picnics, a casual café date, a normal day of running errands, and other everyday activities. They add a fun and cheerful vibe.

Mayari Vegan: BIRKENSTOCK offers Mayari variants made from vegan materials like Birko-Flor® and nubuck leather for people who follow a vegan lifestyle. They are completely devoid of animal products, as verified by independent testing laboratories. The sandals are available in neutral and pastel shades as well as eccentric prints. They give an outdoorsy vibe and are perfect for holidays, everyday errands, and casual evenings spent in charming cafes of new cities.

Mayari Shearing: We have a variant that will keep you warm and stylish through the coldest of days. Mayari comes with a shearling-lined footbed and straps for extra warmth and comfort during winter. Made from oiled leather in a preppy lavender shade, Mayari Shearling is perfect for a cozy bonfire evening or errand runs on the usual days.

Sustainable Design by BIRKENSTOCK

We at BIRKENSTOCK are very conscious of our actions. We believe that we should give back to the world we take so much from, and not take any more than we need in the first place. All our materials, including leather varieties, textiles, cork, and even adhesive used to bond layers, are sourced, or produced sustainably. Constant checks are done to ensure that our materials are skin-friendly. Timeless designs combined with high-quality materials ensure that the sandals are forever stylish and comfortable. If well cared for, BIRKENSTOCKS can last for years.

Don't keep denying your feet the comfort of a BIRKENSTOCK sandal. You can wear the stylish and fun Mayari with your favorite outfits and show off your style. Take your pick from the beautiful range of sandals, and shop now!

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