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Birkenstock Classic Footwear Styles

Fashion keeps changing, but style is forever. At BIRKENSTOCK, that’s our mantra, and that’s what gives us a unique place in the history and culture of fine footwear.  Our lineup of evergreen crowd favorites, the classic footwear styles were, are, and always will be the most stylish, contemporary, comfortable sandals you’ll ever own.

The BIRKENSTOCK Sensibilities

Our classic designs have timeless appeal and offer unparalleled comfort. Even after years of proudly owning and styling a BIRKENSTOCK sandal, you’re assured to stand out in the crowd thanks to our class design aesthetics. Our classic designs are versatile enough to be paired with most of your style preferences. All our models feature the iconic anatomically-shaped footbed designed on the imprint of feet on beach sand. The contours allow the feet to rest in their natural position, even during movement.

Style Guide for BIRKENSTOCK Classics

BIRKENSTOCK classic styles have a timeless appeal, a hint of sophistication, and a dash of modernity. They are definite must-haves for you, no matter what your style. Check out the versatile classic BIRKENSTOCK beauties here:

Arizona: Arizona is truly a BIRKENSTOCK classic. The unchanged, unisex slip-on sandal features two straps, each with an individually adjustable metal pin buckle. It is available in various variants: regular, soft footbed, shearling, vegan, and big buckle. Arizona is available for kids as well. Made from materials like EVA, natural leather, oiled leather, suede, and Birko-Flor, take your pick from pastels, pop or earthy colors, matte finish, metallic finish, and patent finish. The versatile sandal pairs well with almost every style.

Barbados: Barbados is a sporty slip-on mule. It features a broad strap with a hexagon pattern and an embossed lettered logo. Made from Birko-Flor in black and white, pair it with everyday casuals, beachwear, street style, etc.

Boston: The quintessential BIRKENSTOCK clog has been a classic crowd favorite for years. It provides the comfort of a closed shoe and the ease of a slip-on sandal. It features a single strap with an adjustable metal pin buckle. It is available in leather varieties and suede in earthy and neutral shades. It pairs well with formals, semi-formals, casuals, and street style.

Florida: A comparatively maximal sandal, Florida is a BIRKENSTOCK all-star It features three narrow straps with adjustable buckles. The Birko-Flor sandal is available in metallic silver and matte black. It pairs effortlessly with chic casuals, street style, and even dressy resort wear.

Gary: BIRKENSTOCK Gary is the classic flat lace-up shoe ever. With a unique unlined finish, it can also be worn without socks. The suede shoe is available in pastels and neutrals. It pairs well with everyday casuals and street style.

Gizeh: The ever-stylish Gizeh is a timeless BIRKENSTOCK sandal. The thong sandal features a toe post and a single strap with an adjustable metal pin buckle. It is made of materials like Birko-Flor, oiled leather, nubuck leather, and EVA, among other durable and safe materials. Available in pastels, neutrals, pop colors, to metallic finish, and animal skin textures. Pair the versatile sandal with every garment and style you want!

Honolulu: The sporty Honolulu is a thong sandal featuring a hexagon pattern. It is fun, eye-catching, and available in pastel and neutral Birko-Flor. Style it with beachwear, swimwear, resort wear, etc.

London: London is an enduring BIRKENSTOCK clog. The clean finish, raised heel, and rustic look is this clog’s USP. Available in basic shades of suede, London can be paired with everyday casuals, semi-formals, and formals.

Madrid: Simple yet striking, Madrid is a slip-on sandal with a single strap and an adjustable buckle. Made from Birko-Flor, EVA, and oiled leather, it is available in neutral shades and can be paired with everything in your wardrobe.

Mayari: Mayari is a super-stylish thong sandal. It features a toe loop and two straps with adjustable buckles. Available in classic colors and different finishes on oiled leather and Birko-Flor, Mayari is your ideal pick for a boho-chic style.

Milano: Milano is a sturdy multi-strap BIRKENSTOCK sandal. Available in neutral-colored leather varieties, Birko-Flor, and EVA (for kids), it is suitable for long periods of activity. Pair it with casuals and street style.

Montana: The oiled nubuck leather shoe has a unique construction. Held together by laces in rivets, the no-stitch shoe pairs well with casuals and formals.

Ramses: Ramses is a thong sandal for men. Made from Birko-Flor in classic shades, the versatile sandal will pair well with most things in your wardrobe.

Rio: A classic sandal for kids, Rio is reliable and stylish. The multistrip sandal is made from bright colored EVA and is perfect for all kiddie adventures!

Tema: Sporty and practical, the slip-on sandal is made from black microfiber. It pairs well with athleisure, casuals, and street style.

Yao: Yao is a quirky and unique slip-on sandal. Made from Birko-Flor in neutral colors and metallic finish, it is a delight for experimental stylists. Pair it with street style and dressy ensembles.

The BIRKENSTOCK Sustainability

BIRKENSTOCK takes its responsibilities towards the environment very seriously. We ensure that all the materials we use, be it leather varieties, cork, adhesives, textile materials, etc. are all responsibly sourced or produced. By giving ageless designs and detailed care instructions, we make sure that our footwear lasts years, fashionably.

We know you want a new BIRKENSTOCK, who wouldn’t? Explore the classic styles and shop your favorite pair NOW!


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