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Women Clogs

Women's clogs

A pair of clogs at the door is essential for every household. 

But clogs can also look stylish so that you can wear them on any occasion. Clogs derive from old-fashioned Dutch clogs. However, The clog we know has evolved, and modern models aren't made of wood but are soft like any other shoes and support feet. At the BIRKENSTOCK store, you can buy clogs in different colors and sizes. Our products are real bestsellers. BIRKENSTOCK clogs are made of flexible polyethylene, leather, wool felt, suede, or unique skin-friendly Birko-flor material. You can wear them around the house and during work - they are very comfortable and will perfectly fit your feet.

BIRKENSTOCK women's clogs - your next comfortable shoes

Clogs are famous for their simple design and versatile use. BIRKENSTOCK clogs have won the hearts of fashion lovers around the world for a variety of reasons. First of all, our products are high-quality, and beyond expectations, comfortable. All BIRKENSTOCK women's clogs have the original anatomical insole that guarantees safe support. Lightweight and soft, these can be a great asset to your wardrobe. 

Everything about BIRKENSTOCK clogs is beautiful and straightforward - traditional look, classic colors and comfortable footbeds. This footwear will serve you for many years. You will always find the latest collection of women's clogs at our store. In addition, our extensive catalog contains multi-strap sandals, thong sandals, water-friendly models, sneakers, and much more! 

These days, clogs are trendy. You can wear them with high-waisted jeans and a blouse with a collar, a belted shirt dress, or even a chic little black dress. If you're looking for simple, stylish, pleasant-to-wear shoes, feel free to discover our clog models available in a wide variety of colors and materials. One of the most popular BIRKENSTOCK clogs is Boston. Thanks to the integrated strap and a sturdy metal buckle, this model can easily fit your feet. And the original BIRKENSTOCK soft footbed makes Boston cozy, enjoyable, and comfortable. 

Perfect footwear for around the house or to work

Are you looking for durable shoes to wear during work? Then take a look at our large selection of clogs, available in various colors. For example, Super-Birki models are versatile for use in diverse circumstances and environments. They're made from polyurethane, which is highly resilient, water-resistant, oil- and grease-resistant, and dirt-repellent material. In addition, many of our models have an anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed, which feels pleasant under your feet. This type of footwear provides hours of comfortable walking. As a result, painful feet and physical complaints due to poor footwear are a thing of the past!

Such properties make these BIRKENSTOCK clogs a perfect option for many working environments where employees stand and walk for long hours. 

Do you want to take advantage of the good weather, but you don't have the right shoes? In this case, BIRKENSTOCK clogs will offer you perfect comfort. Clogs can perfectly serve you as house footwear because you can quickly put them on and take them off. The Buckley, Boston, Big Buckle, and Zermatt with genuine shearling will give you a cozy and warm feeling on a chilly evening. 

BIRKENSTOCK clogs can also be taken for a campsite, on the beach, or any other place where you like to wear excellent footwear that you can easily put on and take off. 

Do you wish to buy comfy clogs that look more like city shoes? If such, look at Buckley and Boston models, which are a comfortable alternative to other shoes. These are available in a wide range of materials, for example, leather or Birko-Flor.

BIRKENSTOCK women's clogs - designed with passion and made from high-quality materials

BIRKENSTOCK has more than 200 years of experience in making footwear. Our models are adapted to the shape of the foot, and we emphasize making footwear comfortable. All women's clogs, sandals, and shoes are made in such a way that there is the same amount of space and support for the entire foot. So whether you are looking for medical clogs, garden clogs, work clogs, or stylish everyday shoes, you have come to the right place. BIRKENSTOCK models are made of high-quality materials and will last for years.

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