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The season of Spring/Summer brings with it a sense of freshness, joy, and leisure. This demands a change of style, and of course, a change of footwear, too. The men’s spring/summer range features unique and stunning BIRKENSTOCK models. From options for a lazy day spent indoors, work days, to adventurous holidays spent in foreign lands, this range has it all.

The BIRKENSTOCK Make and Material

All BIRKENSTOCK footwear is made using materials which are sustainable sourced or produced. The high-quality materials ensure a good grip and longevity of the sandals. Our materials include natural leather, oiled leather, nubuck leather, Birko-Flor®, textile materials, and cork amongst other used for bonding and trims.

The iconic footbed makes the heart of all our styles. Inspired by the natural footprints on soft beach sand, it contours your sole in a way that allows your feet to maintain their natural position. The arch support, and heel and toe indentations make a comfortable space for your feet to rest. The footbed also aids in the rolling motion of walking and maintaining posture.

A Style Guide for Men’s Spring/Summer BIRKENSTOCKS

Single Strap Sandals:

Kyoto, Zurich: These beautifully robust sandals have a single broad strap that offers optimum grip and supreme comfort. The easy slip-on wear makes them quick and convenient options for everyday wear. They are available in a color palette ranging from neutrals to faded jewel tones.

Madrid: Simple and minimal, Madrid has effortless style. the buckle enables a custom fit. The muted color palette makes it an ideal option for casuals and semi-casuals. The EVA variant makes a great waterside accessory.

Barbados, Tema: Sporty, lightweight, and casual, both footwear models are slip-on styles, making them perfect for athleisure, every day casuals, and street style. Since they are waterproof, they are perfect for poolside or waterside activities.

Double Strap Sandals:

Arizona: The classic BIRKENSTOCK slip-on sandals for men are available in regular, split, soft footbed, EVA, and vegan variants. The color range is as extensive as the options. From pastels, neutrals, pop colors, to prints and finishes, you can pick any Arizona that matches your style.

Atacama: Sporty, lightweight, and functional, Atacama is perfect for pairing with athleisure and casuals. Take the solid colored or camouflage printed sandals along with you on your next adventure!

Lugano: The robust cross strap sandal has a rustic visual appeal. Pair it to elevate your casual and resort wear ensembles to a whole new level of style.

Multi-Strap Sandals:

Kairo: The thong sandal with a backstrap has an exceptionally sophisticated appeal. Pair the dark colored sandals with everyday casual and Sunday dressing for an effortlessly chic vibe.

Milano, Tatacoa: Both sandals have an ankle strap that provides extra stability and grip. While Milano is a classic sandal, Tatacoa has a sporty twist. For a refined appeal, pair Milano with casuals, semi-casuals, and street style. The lightweight Tatacoa is a great sandal for wearing on both, regular days and during dynamic activity.

Thong Sandals:

Gizeh, Medina, Ramses: Gizeh is a timeless BIRKENSTOCK model. With its elegantly curving upper design and a toe post, it makes for great pairing with almost every ensemble in your wardrobe. It is available in regular and EVA variants. Medina and Ramses are broader, robust, and more masculine versions of Gizeh. With their rustic appeal and neutral colors, they, too, can be paired with most of your clothing.

Mayari: The jaunty thong sandal is the ideal pick for a casual weekend. The soft colors and the playful vibe make this sandal a no-brainer for pairing with casuals, semi-casuals, and street style.

Honolulu: The sporty thong sandal is made using pastel and neutral colored EVA, making is the perfect accessory for wearing to the waterside, in wellness areas, and on holidays.


Boston: The veritable classic clog offers a snug fit and the ease of a slip-on sandal. The soothing color palette adds to its sophistication, making it an ideal footwear option for formals, casuals, and all occasions in between.


Bend, Gary, Oswego, Pasadena: All four are uber cool casual shoes, each with a distinct style. While Bend, Gary, and Pasadena have lace tie-ups, Oswego is a pull-on shoe owing to its elasticated panels. They will all add notches to your style game. Pair them with everyday basics, semi-casuals, street style, and more.

Honnef: The sturdy shoe features the very special Deep Blue footbed, which makes it ideal for long hours of activity. Wear it on a busy, active day out or on your next adventurous trek.

London, Montana: The minimal and clean design of both these shoes makes them ideal for formal and semi-formal ensembles. Available in neutral colors, both will make for an understated yet smart accessories.

Specialised Footwear:

Profi-Birki, Super-Birki: These shoes are made for men working in specialized occupations that demand longer hours on their feet, such as in kitchens or medical environments. They are made using PU which is waterproof, oil and grease resistant, non-slip, odor-proof, flexible, and washable. The closed design provides a good cover to your feet.

Now that you’ve explored our effortless and stylish range, what are you still waiting for? Pick your favorite styles and treat your feet to the BIRKENSTOCK experience now!

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