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Birkenstock Shoes

Snug and Sassy Shoes by BIRKENSTOCK

Visual appeal, comfort, and function: BIRKENSTOCK combines all three prerequisites that make any footwear perfect. This quality has made our shoes a wardrobe essential. Ranging from professional to casual and everything in between, we have designed a special shoe range for men. Right on top in style, comfort, and functionality, BIRKENSTOCK shoes are sure to find a permanent place on your shoe rack and in your heart. Discover our men’s shoe range here:

Why BIRKENSTOCK Shoes for Men?

The perfect pair of shoes add a great finishing touch to a man’s ensemble, be it formals, casuals, or loungewear. For men with a penchant for style in their everyday lives, BIRKENSTOCK shoes add the perfect degree of panache to attires and confidence to personalities.

From adaptable designs to a niche category of shoes, BIRKENSTOCK has it all. The skin-friendly materials ensure that the shoes are trans-seasonal. The shoes come with adjustable elements that enable a custom fit.

A Style Guide for BIRKENSTOCK Men’s Shoes

BIRKENSTOCK brings to you the most diverse range of men’s shoes, carefully curated to meet all your wardrobe needs. Varied options in materials, colors, finishes, and footbed choices add layers of interest to the essential accessories.

The Clogs Selection:

Boston: The classic Boston clog is a wardrobe essential. It is designed to take you from a bustling workday to a dressy evening out. Boston adds a classic charm to your ensembles, be it formals, semi-formals, or even dressy outfits. This BIRKENSTOCK model is for you if you are biased towards classic, effortless style.

Buckley: Ultra stylish and casual, Buckley is a moccasin-style clog. The adaptable design makes it easy to pair with chic day-to-night ensembles. For men who want to take their everyday style up a notch, Buckley is the indisputable answer.

Kay: Kay is ideal for men working specifically in the healthcare environment. The ergonomic design provides optimum grip and comfort during prolonged periods of activity.

The Boots Selection:

Stalon: Sturdy and stylish, Stalon is a pull-up boot. The ankle-high, tough-looking shoe is surprisingly lightweight, engineered for your comfort. It pairs well with both, casual and dressy outfits. For men who have a grungy, biker-chic, or quirky mixed style, Stalon is the ideal pick.

Marton: Robust and casual, Marton is a moccasin-inspired boot. The ankle-high model pairs amazingly well with a slightly craggy yet stylish playful, biker-chic aesthetic. The boot best suits men with a casual and rugged style.

Milton: Minimal and unfussy, Milton is a desert boot. The ankle-high shoe pairs well with everyday street style. For men who have a minimal masculine casual style sense, Milton is the ideal fit.

The Formal Selection:

Saunders: Elegant, minimal, and ultra-comfortable, Saunders is a lace-up shoe. With a handcrafted appeal, the shoe pairs well with formal and semi-formal ensembles. For men who have a crisp and unfussy dressing preference, Saunders is a surefire bet.

London: A classic BIRKENSTOCK model, London is a close-toed shoe. Clean design and great fit shine through in this minimal model. Ideal for formals and semi-formals, London is perfect for men who work in a corporate environment.

Montana: Truly a clean design, the no-stitch Montana is a lace-up shoe. Apart from semi-formals, Montana can also be styled with everyday and dressy casuals. For men who need a work-to-fun shoe, this is the one you choose.

Laramie: A classic Brit-inspired model, Laramie is available in two options: ankle-high and classic shoes. Textured with typical broguing, Laramie is ideal for formal luxe events. For men who have a classic style yet are super stylish, Laramie is the ideal shoe to make a statement.

Home Shoes Selection:

Zermatt: The minimal and cozy Zermatt is a home slipper. A unique model with a removable footbed, it pairs well with loungewear. It is ideal for men who want to spend a lazy day at home.

Amsterdam:  Clean and seamless, Amsterdam is a home shoe with an extended upper shaft. Ideal for a day at home, it pairs well with relaxed casuals, pajamas, and loungewear.

Andermatt: Minimal and super comfortable, Andermatt is a smart pull-up home shoe. It is perfect for a cold day spent indoors and pairs well with casuals and loungewear.

The Casuals Selection:

Bend: Cool and casual, Bend is a classic sneaker. A highly versatile and comfortable design, it can be worn with almost everything. It pairs well with regular or dressy casual wear. For men with a quirky, fun, and casual style, Bend is unbeatable.

Oswego: A casual slip-on boot, Oswego is a wardrobe essential. Quick and comfortable to wear, it pairs well with everyday basics. It is ideal for men who have a casual, laid-back style and a dynamic schedule.

Honnef: Contemporary and cool, Honnef is a sneaker style lace-up boot. The mudguard design makes this boot practical for wearing around the city or muddy terrain. Ideal for an adventurous holiday or work trip, Honnef is the go-to for men who travel frequently and have an unfussy, versatile style.

Gary: Understated and minimal, Gary is a flat lace-up shoe. It can also be worn without socks. It pairs beautifully with streetwear and dressy day ensembles. For men who like to experiment with styling everyday basics, Gary is the ideal shoe.

Pasadena: Timeless and versatile, Pasadena is a moccasin shoe. The active, casual design pairs well with a casual sporty aesthetic. The shoe is ideal for men who have an understated casual style.

Supreme Comfort and Style of BIRKENSTOCK Shoes

High-quality materials, an iconic contoured footbed, and contemporary designs: all make for the unmatched BIRKENSTOCK experience. With our range of shoes, you never have to worry again about finding the right fit. Indulge in the comfort of a BIRKENSTOCK shoe, now.

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