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5 Pivotal BIRKENSTOCK Moments You Need to Know

When you look back to see how far you’ve come, you realize that some moments were pivotal in shaping your present. At BIRKENSTOCK, we’ve had a journey of nearly two and a half centuries. Through so many moments, there are five that stand out prominently:

1. 1774: The Year Where It All Started

Tracing back the family origins to almost 250 years, an official church document mentions Johann Adam Birkenstock as a subject and cobbler in Germany in 1774. It gives us immense pride to see that the intent of offering a comfortable walking experience and the zest for innovation have only amplified over the generations.

Inspired by the beginning, collections under BIRKENSTOCK 1774 celebrate timelessness, inspiration, and innovation. To this day, the core BIRKENSTOCK philosophy of eternal minimalism, comfort, and natural gait continues to inspire craftsmen, designers, and fashion brands worldwide.

2. 1913: Coining the Term ‘Footbed’

    The concept of an insole designed to support the natural shape of the foot to enable a natural gait was introduced by BIRKENSTOCK. The term ‘footbed’ was coined in 1913 to denote these anatomically shaped flexible insoles. Often copied but never equaled, the footbed is synonymous with unparalleled comfort today.

    The footbed is our USP and at the heart of everything we do. Made using natural materials like cork, latex, and jute, it is skin-friendly. It helps wearers maintain a natural stance, aids in the rolling motion of walking and promotes good foot health.

    3. 1963: Launching Madrid: The Mother of All Footbed Sandals

      Launched in 1964 by Karl Birkenstock, the design language and ethos of the avant-garde Madrid were quite ahead of their time. The minimal, agender design and the highly functional orthopedic structure paved the way for future models which were contemporary and focused on natural gait. As it was initially known, the gymnastics sandal is a shoe rack staple today. To mark its 60th year, only 1963 pieces of the single buckle strap sandal are available in three iconic colors: light brown, pigalle, and emerald as a part of a limited-edition collection.

      4. 1973: Launching Arizona: Everybody’s Favorite

        Launched in 1973, ahead of the 200th heritage anniversary of the Birkenstock family, Arizona became a bestseller and a symbol of counterculture in the USA. It was released at a time when society was more accepting of the gender-neutral appeal. Rebellious Arizona broke societal norms and appealed to the youth and different subcultures. The sandal even hit the New York runway in 1993. The double-buckle slip-on sandal remains a crowd favorite to date. Only 1973 pairs of Arizona sandals in classic black and white are available as a part of the anniversary collection.

        5. 1983: Launching Gizeh: Rendezvous with the World of Fashion

          Launched in 1983, Gizeh marked BIRKENSTOCK’s move into new territories. Inspired by the oldest Egyptian sandals, Gizeh redefined the meaning of style and ease. The ergonomically shaped toe bar was a nod to our contoured take on comfort. It became the sandal that marked our foray into the world of fashion. A classic BIRKENSTOCK, Gizeh remains a much-loved sandal even now. Find the limited 1983 pairs of BIRKENSTOCK Gizeh natural leather sandals in light brown, beige, and dark red as a part of the capsule collection.The story of BIRKENSTOCK is seeped in heritage, guided by innovation, and taken forward by you, our dearest patrons. We are humbled by the love you continue to give us. Stay comfortable and be stylish with BIRKENSTOCK!

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