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Off to Work with BIRKENSTOCK

The demands of professional life are tough, especially for medical and hospitality professionals. With the long work hours and special safety required in kitchens, hospitals, and laboratories, it is imperative that these professionals need specialized footwear. In comes BIRKENSTOCK, offering utmost comfort and respite, when you must be on your feet constantly.

Our range of specialized professional shoes is thoughtfully designed with highly functional features:

  • Fluid Resistant Uppers: Our easy-to-clean fluid-resistant upper ensures your focus on work and not the hazards associated with your occupation.
  • Slip Resistant Soles: Move quickly and confidently with the sure-footedness provided by our specialized soles.
  • Contoured Comfort: Our legendary footbed continues to offer unparalleled comfort, no matter where you are and what you are doing.

The best part of our professional shoe range is that it can as easily be worn in non-work environments for activities like gardening, walking at the beach or in a garden, or simply casually every day. Discover the highly versatile and practical work shoes for women and men here:

  1. Profi-Birki: The best professional shoes for women and men come in the form of Profi-Birki. The closed design features a raised heel and an extended front, offering maximum protection and coverage. The PU shoes are water, oil, and grease resistant apart from dirt-repellent. The non-slip sole makes it an excellent pick for a high-activity workplace with smooth floors. The washable shoes can also be disinfected, making them ultra-hygienic. The removable footbed is also easy to clean and wash. Find the practical shoe in neutral colors.
  2. Super-Birki: These professional shoes are super! The closed-toe design ensures maximum protection in the work environment, while the easy slip-on design makes then convenient to wear. The PU shoes are water-resistant, dirt-repellent, and oil and grease resistant. The washable shoes feature a removable footbed that can be washed separately, making them extremely hygienic. The resilient shoes are available in both neutral and pop color palettes.
  3. Boston: The classic BIRKENSTOCK Boston clog shoes for men and women have been reimagined in a professional variant owing to their functional design and unparalleled comfort. The closed-shoe grip and the wearing ease are complimented by the adjustable buckle strap. Boston ESD is made using natural leather and offers protection from electrostatic discharge, making it a staple for the semiconductor industry. Boston Super Grip is also made using natural leather and features a nonslip rubber outsole and an EVA midsole. This enhances stability and comfort, making them the best leather shoes for men and women in a work environment.
  4. Tokio Super Grip: These are the most comfortable shoes for men and women who spend long hours on their feet at work. The closed-toe design coupled with the adjustable backstrap offers ultimate stability and grip. The Super Grip rubber sole heightens sure-footedness and the EVA midsole enhances comfort and stability, thus aiding the rolling motion of walking. The non-slip properties only make it better. Find the work shoes in black natural leather.
  5. A 630: The veritable classic BIRKENSTOCK A 630 clog can be easily worn all year round. The closed clog features a raised heel section and a grooved sole. Made using PU, it is water, oil, and stain resistant and dirt-repellent. It can be cleaned easily and comes with a replaceable footbed. The blue shoe with a logo rivet detail is your perfect everyday work companion.

No matter how hard you work, we are here to ensure you never have to take a step in discomfort. Only focus on delivering the best care, serving delicious food, and doing your best every day with BIRKENSTOCK professional shoes.

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