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The Magic of 50 Hands at BIRKENSTOCK

When things are made by hand, they manifest a unique form. Each piece, when made by hand, has an indiscernible distinction, a quality that gives the piece a feel of true customization. The magic of the human touch is irreplaceable, impervious to any amount of industrialization. At BIRKENSTOCK, our employees put their heart and soul into their work. Every day, they create stunningly designed and uniquely functional footwear.

The Magic of 50 Hands

Each pair of BIRKENSTOCK sandals passes through 50 hands during their making. Human touch is a vital element in our production process. Each material and component is stretched, snipped, sculpted, smoothed, set, glued, and, eventually, transformed into functional footwear. Over generations, we may have finessed the method, expanded our production, experimented with materials, launched new models, and much more, but one thing remains unchanged: the respect for handmade processes in addition to bespoke machinery. Making a BIRKENSTOCK is a meticulous process, one that is instilled with immense love, belief, and passion.The Process of Making a BIRKENSTOCK Sandal

Each BIRKENSTOCK sandal is made using a combination of handcraft and bespoke machinery. Much of this specialized machinery was developed by the BIRKENSTOCK family over the years. This unbeatable combination of hand and machine is at the heart of creating iconic, beautiful designs.Just like our philosophy of comfort and the starting point of our innovation, even the production process at BIRKENSTOCK starts with the footbed.

  • A unique combination of cork and latex is stabilized further using jute and suede to make the iconic footbed.
  • These materials are molded into an anatomically shaped form, a form that took decades to perfect and become what is today: a symbol of unparalleled comfort. The footbed functions on orthopedic principles, making BIRKENSTOCKS the most comfortable sandals for men, women, and children.
  • Once the footbed is made, the upper design is attached along with fastenings and outsole to assemble the final sandal.
  • Every buckle, rivet, and fastening is attached with great care and a meticulous eye.

Throughout the production process, at each step, our products pass from one dedicated team member to the next, each adept at doing their job, perfected with endurance. From cutting to making to packaging, each BIRKENSTOCK footwear passes through fifty human hands till it reaches you.


Through generations, BIRKENSTOCK has followed one philosophy: Naturgewolltes Gehen, meaning ‘Walking as nature intended.’ This philosophy encompasses everything: skin-friendly materials, sustainable practices, timeless designs, unparalleled comfort, and of course, constant innovation.

All the materials we use, such as leather varieties, Birko-Flor®, textile materials, cork, latex, etc. are procured or produced sustainably. Checks are put in place to ensure that our materials are skin-friendly. The high quality of the materials ensures the longevity and comfort of BIRKENSTOCK sandals. When your footwear is well cared for, it can last for years.A BIRKENSTOCK sandal is something you need to get your ‘hands’ on. Once you experience the paralleled comfort and versatile style, trust us, you wouldn’t want to go back to anything less. From our 50 hands to your two feet, and ultimately your heart, it is a journey we cherish the most.

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