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Men Two Strap Sandals

Men Two Strap Sandals

What do comfort, style, and fashion have in common? You guessed it right: a BIRKENSTOCK sandal! The ideal pair of sandals should have everything: the perfect fit, aesthetic appeal, and comfortable material. At BIRKENSTOCK, we give it all.

Let’s talk about the casual range of sandals for men. Easy and comfortable to wear, with endless color and finish options, strappy sandals for men are all the rage at the moment. Traditional, contemporary, sporty, casual: you name it, you’ll find it here.

Essentials for Men: Two Strap Sandals: The curated range of men’s two-strap sandals is the perfect amalgamation of sophistication and ease. BIRKENSTOCK offers a plethora of styles, colors, and material options to choose from. Depending on your style, the occasion, and comfort, there’s a choice between classic, sporty, and casual dual strap sandal options. 

The individually adjustable metal pin buckles on the straps render the option of customizing the fit of the sandal according to the wearer’s preference. The anatomically shaped footbed ensures optimum comfort to the feet and evokes the feeling of allowing your feet to sink into the cushion of a sandy beach. Ultimate comfort, ease of wear, and the grip of a closed shoe: all in a pair of slip-on sandals.

Apart from style and comfort, BIRKENSTOCK ensures that all the materials and processes involved in the production of sandals are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. The leather varieties, EVA, and textile materials used for the upper design, the cork, latex, and jute used for the footbed, and even the water-soluble, solvent-free adhesive used in production are all sustainably produced or sourced.

Casual Sandals for Men: A Style Guide

Are you experimental with your style or do you like to keep it simple? Do you like to blend in or stand out in a crowd? No matter what your style, the BIRKENSTOCK two-strap casual range for men’s got you covered. Read on to find your fit:

Zurich: Solid, modest, and contemporary, Zurich is perfect for men with an understated style. It pairs well with casual shorts, polos, solid shirts, and even casual short suits. Zurich is ideal for brunches, day dates, casual work meetings, and a well-dressed day out.

Milano: Sturdy, sporty, and casual, Milano is ideal for men with an outdoorsy laid-back style. It pairs well with cargo pants, shorts, basic tees, jeans, and casual shirts. Milano is ideal for an active day out such as a short hike, a walk with your pet, a picnic with kids, etc.

Delft: Lightweight, practical and sporty, Delft is ideal for men who live in athleisure wear. It pairs well with sporty joggers, vests, hoodies, shorts, and tracks. Delft is perfect for a day out full of activities like running errands, catching up with friends for a ball game, walking to the gym, etc.

Atacama: A sporty, laid-back version of Arizona, Atacama is ideal for men who have a non-fussy style. It pairs well with everything casual: t-shirts, shorts, hoodies, etc. Atacama is perfect for men who are on their feet all day and want no-brainer footwear for their outfits. 

Rotterdam: Sporty, fresh, and lightweight, Rotterdam is ideal for men who have a casual, athletic style. It pairs well with athleisure and casual everyday outfits. Rotterdam is ideal for men who have an active lifestyle.

Arizona: Classic, minimal, and versatile, Arizona is ideal for literally every kind of style. It pairs well with everything in your wardrobe, be it a solid monotone ensemble, or a crazy print on print casual/dressy outfit, and everything in between the two extreme aesthetics. Pair it with denim, anti-fit shirts, cropped trousers, relaxed jackets, t-shirts, bomber jackets: basically, everything under the sun. There’s an Arizona to fit every occasion and style. Opt for the EVA variant for poolside and the shearling-lined variant for winters.

BIRKENSTOCK sandals: A Wardrobe Staple

The beauty of BIRKENSTOCK sandals lies in our attention to detail. From the anatomically shaped footbed to the responsibly sourced materials, everything leads to one thing: a content wearer experience. A BIRKENSTOCK sandal is like a warm hug for your feet. With the heel nestled in the heel cup, the toes set perfectly in their niche and the sole resting on the arch support, the iconic footbed ensures superlative comfort from below, while the skin-friendly upper material with soft lining and adjustable buckles ensure a custom grip and a snug fit.

So, men, rejoice, as the perfect sandals are here for you. No matter what your style, you’ll always find a pair of strappy sandals to go with your outfit. Whether you’re a minimalist, maximalist, trend-setter, wallflower, or anything in between, BIRKENSTOCK promises to have a tailor-made variant, just for you!

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