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Give your father the gift of style and comfort this Father’s Day. Express your gratitude with a style from this specially curated range by BIRKENSTOCK for his special day.  

A father is a pillar of strength, a sea of understanding, and a consoling sanctuary when life seems tough. To express your gratefulness and love, what’s better than a gift that keeps on giving? The special range of BIRKENSTOCK sandals for Father’s Day is a perfect amalgamation of style and comfort. On the special day, gift him the luxury and comfort he undoubtedly deserves as a small token of all your appreciation for him. Discover the curated range of footwear here:

The BIRKENSTOCK Make and Material

All our styles are developed around our iconic anatomically shaped footbed. Its shape is inspired by footprints on soft sand, and it contours your sole so that your feet can maintain their natural position even during movement. The arch support and the grooves for the heel and toes provide comfort to your feet. The footbed also aids in the rolling motion of walking.

At BIRKENSTOCK, we use a variety of materials to make our footwear: leather varieties, textile material, cork, metal, etc. We ensure that all of them are high-quality materials, thus making our footwear long-lasting. All materials are sustainably sourced or produced.

Our care guide gives precise instructions on how to clean and maintain your BIRKENSTOCKS. If well cared for, they last years.

Father’s Day BIRKENSTOCK Picks For The Win

Thong Sandals:

Gizeh, Medina, Ramses: Gizeh is a classic BIRKENSTOCK style. Its upper design has an elegantly curved shape and a toe post, so it goes well with almost everything in your dad’s wardrobe. It comes in both regular and EVA variants in a wide color range. Medina and Ramses are like Gizeh but broader, robust, and masculine. They also pair well with most outfits because they are striking and come in neutral colors.

Mayari: The sprightly thong sandal is the perfect footwear choice for a laid-back weekend. Ideal for men with an effortlessly relaxed style, this sandal is a no-brainer for combining with casual clothing, semi-casual clothing, or street style due to its fun vibe and muted colors. 

Single Strap Sandals:

Kyoto, Zurich: The single wide strap on these beautiful, sturdy sandals gives you the best grip and utmost comfort. They are quick and easy to put on given their slip-on nature. They come in a wide range of colors, from neutral tones to faded jewel tones.

Tema: Tema is a slip-on sandal. It is sporty, light, and casual, thus making it great for athleisure, everyday casuals, and street style. Since it is waterproof, it is great for activities by the pool or near water.

Double Strap Sandals:

Arizona: The dual strapped Arizona is an unchanged BIRKENSTOCK model. You can choose from the regular, split, soft footbed, EVA, and vegan variants of the slip-on sandal. Take your pick from the vast color and material options. Find an Arizona that fits your style among the pastels, neutrals, and pop colors, as well as prints and finishes.

Atacama: The Atacama is sporty, lightweight, and practical. It goes well with both athleisure and casual wear. They are perfect for an adventurous weekend or holiday. Bring the solid-colored sandals with you on your next trip.

Lugano: The cross-strapped sandals have a raw and robust visual appeal. Pair them effortlessly with casuals and street-style ensembles. The neutral color palette adds a rustic charm to the uncommon design.

Multi-Strap Sandals:

Kairo: The thong sandal that includes a backstrap lends an air of incredibly refined elegance to the wearer. To achieve an impression of effortless chic, wear the dark-colored sandals with weekend casuals and resort wear. 

Milano: Milano is a classic BIRKENSTOCK model with a backstrap that provides extra support. It is also available in a soft footbed variant. The dark neutrals and camouflage print add a sophisticated charm. For a refined appeal, pair it with casuals, semi-casuals, and street style.


Boston: The classic clog combines the secure fit of a closed shoe with the convenience of a slide-on sandal. Its sophisticated appearance is enhanced by a palette of neutral and pop colors, which makes it an excellent footwear option for formal attire, casual outfits, and anything in between.


Bend, Gary, Pasadena: All three styles are lace-up shoes. Bend is a casual sneaker that pairs well with athleisure and sporty style. Gary is a flat lace-up shoe that can also be worn without socks, thanks to its unlined finish. This pairs well with street style, everyday casuals, and semi-formals. Pasadena features a thick cork ole and striking stitch detail. It can be styled as both, a casual shoe and with formal attire.

Honnef: Honnef is the perfect shoe for men who spend a lot of time on their feet because it features the special deep blue footbed. The sophisticated look is enhanced by the muted color scheme. Honnef can be worn with both dressy and casual clothes. It's a great adventure shoe, so you can wear it on your next hike or vacation.

London, Montana: Both of these shoes feature a sleek and clean design that makes them well suited for dressy as well as semi-formal outfits. Both options come in neutral tones, making them modest yet sophisticated accessories.

To all fathers out there, we thank you for your ceaseless support and love. BIRKENSTOCK wishes every father a Happy Father’s Day, along with a lifetime of comfort, joy, and contentment.

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