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Hey, you. We’re going to let you in on a little secret: your favorite BIRKENSTOCKS could last you years, even a decade! Yes, it is very much possible, as long as you remember to take good care of them. And what better than a BIRKENSTOCK shoe care kit to help you do just that? Read on to learn more about this magical kit, and a few additional tips to ensure your beloved sandals last you for a long, long time.


Our comprehensive shoe care kit is designed to keep all the elements of your BIRKNESTOCK footwear clean, fresh, and stain-free. It consists of:

  1. Cleaner and Refresher: This is the product to use for clean, fresh BIRKENSTOCK insoles. Simply spray it on the footbed, and wipe it with a clean cloth to rid the insoles of excess moisture, stains, and dirt build-up.
  2. Water and Stain Repellent: This product is meant for leather, suede, and nubuck leather upper. It helps maintain the natural texture and feel of your BIRKENSTOCK footwear, while preventing water marks and stains from everyday use.
  3. Cork Sealer: Every BIRKENSTOCK sandal features a cork footbed. A light layer of sealant prevents the outer edge from drying out. This product will protect your footbed against the elements. Apply a light layer when you feel the cork is drying out.
  4. Suede/Nubuck Leather Brush: If you own a pair of  suede and nubuck leather BIRKENSTOCKS, lightly brushing them with this special brush will help restore the nap and remove dust.

Note that the finish and look of your BIRKENSTOCKS might change after they have been treated or cleaned. This is natural, and regular maintenance will have your BIRKENSTOCKS looking good as new.

Additional Care Tips

Apart from consistent maintenance and cleaning, it is important to take note of the following tips:

  • Avoid exposure to extreme heat such as radiators, bonfires, and direct sunlight.
  • BIRKENSTOCK EVA slides have been specially designed for the waterside. Use them instead of immersing other material sandals in water, especially leather BIRKENSTOCKS. Prolonged contact with water will change the look and feel, and could deteriorate the cork footbed.
  • To prevent odor and moisture build-up, air the footbeds
  • Use a suede brush or a nubuck eraser block to clean stains off oiled leather uppers.
  • Apply colorless conditioner to leather shoes to restore and preserve color.
  • Clean your suede, nubuck leather, microfiber, and leather shoes gently with a soft brush.

It is a well-known fact that the timeless style and unparalleled comfort of a BIRKENSTOCK is unmatched. Whether BIRKENSTOCK clogs, sandals, or boots, make use of our shoe care kit to ensure the longevity of your favorite pair of footwear. Get your kit now, and keep your sandals as fresh as your everyday style.