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At BIRKENSTOCK, we place equal weight on both, style and comfort. While our styles are contemporary and minimal, it’s the special engineering that makes a BIRKENSTOCK sandal stand out. Apart from a newfound meaning of comfort, focused solutions make our footwear special. Have you ever experienced sore muscles after an active workout or a long stretch of running? After engaging in strenuous activity, it is also important to give your body all the time and resources to get back to its normal state. This recovery can be supported with stretching, muscle treatment, a good diet, and hydration. BIRKENSTOCK adds another dimension, often overlooked: firm footwear. BIRKENSTOCK brings you a collection of sports recovery footwear to add an extra layer of comfort and speed to your recovery process.

The Principles of Recovery

At BIRKENSTOCK, we believe in an active approach to recovery. While traditional methods involve a passive approach of rest and extra cushioning, BIRKENSTOCK believes in initiating the body’s adaptive responses, reducing the proneness to injury, and promoting muscular benefits. We make not just great footwear, but also promote good foot health and provide specialized solutions, too. Our recovery philosophy is:

  1. Firm not Foam: The arches on the firm footbed support your weight and spread it out evenly.
  2. Cork not Cushion: The natural cork footbed provides balance, support, flexibility, and shock absorption.
  3. Stable not Squishy: Our stable footbed encourages a good stance by giving your toes enough room, which improves your natural walking motion and blood flow.


BIRKENSTOCK sandals are designed to aid you in the process of recovery after a great running or workout session. Muscles must regain their natural relaxed state, which the legendary BIRKENSTOCK footbed aids. Inspired by the natural footprint on fine sand, the footbed mimics the soles of the feet with its deep heel cup to nestle the heel comfortably. The traverse and longitudinal arch supports provide a base for the middle curve of your feet. The roomy toe box has enough space for the toes to stay in place with ease. The footbed promotes good foot health. It restores and assists the rolling motion of walking and helps you maintain a natural stance even during movement. The rises and indentations ensure that your feet are always at rest, no matter what you are doing. Made from cork and latex and lined with comfortable materials, the footbed is the heart of the BIRKENSTOCK recovery models. Though all our styles feature the footbed, we offer you our ultimately comfortable and timeless classics to help you stay effortlessly stylish and at ease through the recovery mode.

Sports Recovery Styles

Our timeless classics Arizona and Boston are ideal for both, after sports recovery and your everyday adventures. Trans-seasonal and highly functional, these styles are sure to keep you comfortable and fashionable always.

Arizona: The double-strapped sandal is an unchanged BIRKENSTOCK model. The classic sandal has remained a crowd favorite for years owing to its versatile style and supreme comfort. It is available in regular, soft footbed, and vegan variants. The unisex slip-on sandal offers optimum grip and unparalleled comfort owing to the upper design and the contoured footbed. Arizona is a great option to wear for after sports recovery as well as habitually. The adjustable metal pin buckles enable a custom fit. It is available in materials like natural leather, nubuck leather, and Birko-Flor. The dark neutral color palette adds to the versatility in terms of styling. Pair it with athleisure, activewear, everyday casuals, and street style.

Boston: Boston is a veritable classic. The traditional BIRKENSTOCK clog features the best of both worlds. The closed upper design provides the grip and feel of a closed shoe, while the slip-on-wearing style has the ease of a sandal. The single strap has an adjustable metal pin buckle that enables a custom fit. It is available in regular, soft footbed, and vegan variants. Ideal for recovery after sports and everyday wear, Boston is something you will never get enough of. It is made from leather varieties and suede in earthy neutrals. Pair Boston with athleisure, street style, work wear, and casuals.

We care about you in more ways than one. All materials we use to make these styles are sustainably sourced and produced. Constant checks are done to ensure the skin compatibility of these materials. Our styles are easy to care for, and if well maintained, they can last for years. They get more comfortable with wear.

BIRKENSTOCK has always been unique, with styles that are a step above the ordinary. The active recovery feature is an add-on to the many pros we offer.  Even if you don't play sports, these sandals will help your feet maintain their natural position and comfort. Also, they are so versatile that you can wear them every day and with everything. Give your feet the ease they deserve with BIRKENSTOCK. Happy Shopping!

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