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BIRKENSTOCK brings to you a range of footwear that is contemporary, indulgent, and versatile. We present our suede and nubuck leather styles, which are perfect for your everyday plans, chameleon style, and confident personalities.


BIRKENSTOCK prides itself on using high-quality and durable materials. Owning the spotlights are suede and nubuck leather. Both are sustainably produced and sourced. The superior quality ensures the longevity of the sandals, as well as a rich look and feel.

Suede is made from the underside of animal skin, which lends it an extra soft and velvety surface. The breathable material lends soft wear to the sandals.

Nubuck leather mimics natural leather in terms of look and feel. It has a finessed yet strong visual appeal but without the use of animal leather. It has a smooth surface but without graining and a natural texture.

Style Guide for BIRKENSTOCKS

Our nubuck leather and suede sandals have an inherent feeling of sophistication and luxury. Versatile, stylish, and comfortable, they are must-haves for your shoe racks. From elevating your everyday ensembles to perfectly complementing your dressy style, these sandals are sure to be your essential accessories. Discover the range here:

Arizona: The classic BIRKENSTOCK Arizona is a unisex slip-on sandal featuring two straps with individually adjustable metal pin buckles. The suede and nubuck leather sandals are available in three variants: regular Arizona, Arizona Soft Footbed, and Arizona Split. The versatile sandals are available in neutrals, pastels, earthy tones, and pop colors. Style them with everyday casuals, street style, loungewear, dressy ensembles, etc.

Boston: The classic BIRKENSTOCK clog is as functional as it is stylish. The unisex clog has a single strap with an adjustable metal pin buckle, enabling a custom fit. The suede clog is available in a regular style and a soft footbed variant. The neutral and pop color palette allows for a variety of styling options. Pair them with semi-casuals, formals, street style, evening wear, etc.

Buckley: Buckley is a semi-open moccasin-style clog. It has a single strap with an adjustable pin buckle and a striking stitching detail that lends a rustic appeal. It is available in soothing pastel colors. They pair with casual and semi-casual layered clothing styles.

Gary: Gary is a flat lace-up shoe. The unlined finish prevents rubbing and makes it possible to wear the shoe even without socks. The tonal stitch lines on panels lend an interesting detail. Available in neutrals and bright shades, Gary is perfect for a casual day out. Pair it with casuals and street style for an effortlessly stylish look.

Gizeh: A classic BIRKENSTOCK model, Gizeh is a thong sandal. The elegant upper design features a toe post and a single strap with an adjustable pin buckle. The nubuck leather styles are available in two variants: Gizeh Soft Footbed and Gizeh Big Buckle. The sophisticated sandal is available in neutrals and sorbet shades. They pair well with both western wear and Indian wear, ranging from everyday casuals, semi-casuals, formals, dressy evening wear, loungewear, etc.

Honnef: Designed around the innovative Deep Blue footbed, Honnef is a lace-up shoe. The robust shoe is available in neutral and pastel shades. It is perfect to be worn for a long duration of activity, making it an ideal shoe for an adventurous holiday or an active day out. Pair it with casuals, street style, and military-inspired clothing styles.

Kairo: Edgy and comfortable, Kairo is a thong sandal with an ankle strap. The adjustable pin buckle enables a custom fit. Kairo exudes a sophisticated charm in soothing pastels. A sandal that suits both western wear and Indian wear, pair it with everyday casuals as well as dressy ensembles.

Kyoto: Kyoto is a slip-on sandal with a single strap and decorative rivets. The compact sandal is available in a monochromatic color scheme and bright shades. It pairs well with everyday casuals, layered clothing, and loungewear.

London: Boston-inspired London is a closed shoe with an open selvage and an unlined finish. Modest and minimal, the taupe-colored shoe features a single strap with an adjustable metal pin buckle. The unisex shoe pairs well with casuals and formals.

Madrid: Madrid is a modern slip-on sandal with a single strap and an adjustable metal pin buckle. The minimal sandal is available in the big buckle variant in soft pastels. It pairs well with almost everything in your wardrobe.

Mayari: The jaunty and stylish Mayari is a thong sandal. It features a toe loop and two straps with adjustable metal pin buckles. It is available in a comforting pecan shade and pairs with dressy as well as casual ensembles.

Pasadena: Pasadena is a sporty and casual moccasin. The hand-stitched detail on the upper design lends this shoe a handcrafted feel. The neutral-colored shoes are perfect for street style and everyday casual outfits.

Siena: The urbane Siena is a slip-on sandal that features two cross straps and an adjustable metal pin buckle. Available in neutral shades, it is ideal for street style, resort wear, and everyday casuals.

Zurich: Zurich is a slip-on sandal that has the grip of a closed shoe, owing to the broad strap and adjustable buckles. The minimal sandal is available in a sober beige and can be paired with semi-casuals, street style, and everyday casuals.


All footwear styles are made with the iconic anatomically shaped footbed. Modeled on the impression of a natural footprint on beach sand, the footbed dips and rises with the contours of the sole. This allows a natural resting position for the feet during both, walking and stationary positions. The footbed, coupled with luxurious fabrics, makes BIRKENSTOCK sandals the most comfortable footwear you could ever ask for.

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