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Men Multi Strap Sandals

Men Multi Strap Sandals

On an average day, the average man dons extraordinary roles: a boss man, a father, a friend, a partner, and much more. Each day, and role, calls for appropriate dressing. A multi-dimensional life deserves a versatile style, and, of course, the perfect footwear to complement it.

The BIRKENSTOCK range of multi-strap sandals for men has it all: relaxing sole, perfect grip, and visual appeal. Curated especially for you, the ever-stylish, sophisticated, and very special men, we aim to give you a delightful BIRKENSTOCK experience.

Looking for something classic and easy-going? Have a sporty style? Or prefer something casual that pairs well with everything in your wardrobe? Read on to discover our top picks in the strappy sandal range for men.

Men’s Multi-Strap Sandals: A Multipurpose Accessory

What does your everyday look like? Office, socializing, maybe a dinner date, a stay-at-home day, or a social get-together planned? Worry not. BIRKENSTOCK has you covered with a range of multi-strap sandals. Suitable for all ensembles and occasions, our versatile designs ensure that you are the most stylish and comfortable man in any room.  

The beauty of multi-strap sandals is that each strap has an individually adjustable metal pin buckle that allows you to modify the grip of the sandal. Contemporary designs, maximum comfort, and premium quality materials: all in every pair of BIRKENSTOCK sandals!

A Guide on How to Style Men’s Multi-Strap Sandals

Casual, chic, adaptable, interesting: for a man who wants it all, this BIRKENSTOCK range of men’s multi-strap sandals is the best bet. We offer attractive, sturdy designs in multiple colors, materials, and finish options. Want to find out what matches your wardrobe preference? Here’s your style guide to find the most suitable pair:

Arizona: A crowd favorite for decades, Arizona is a classic slip-on sandal with two straps. The versatile model doesn’t check into one specific style box, making it fun and easy to style in multiple ways. With a plethora of colors, prints, finishes, and textures to choose from, here’s your window to get creative with your styling. The Birko-Flor and leather variants can be styled with everyday day-to-night looks, be it minimalist, maximalist, or anything in between. Shearling-lined Arizona is a winter must-have. EVA variants are ideal for waterside, so plan that beach vacay or resort outing. Be it conventional masculine dressing or gender-fluid outfits, there’s an Arizona variant for every man’s style.

Milano: Another BIRKENSTOCK classic, Milano is a sturdy sandal with three straps, including a heel backstrap. The sturdy grip makes it ideal for men who have an active lifestyle or like to spend their time outdoors. For men who have a casual, sporty style, Milano is your go-to multi-strap sandal. We suggest you pair these with shorts, t-shirts, rugged shirts or jackets, camouflage prints, and solid colors.

Zurich: Understated and sturdy, Zurich combines one broad strap with two sleeker, adjustable ones. The modest design makes them an easy combination with casuals as well as semi-casuals. The ideal day-to-night sandal, pair it with stylish workwear ensembles that work their way into a fancy date night or an evening out. For men who like to stay on top of their game when it comes to dressing up, Zurich is the ideal model. Pair it with semi-casual blazers, cropped trousers, semi-formal shirts, and even modern kurtas.

Atacama: An Arizona variation, Atacama is a two-strap slip-on sandal. this is the perfect sandal for men who have an easy, laid-back style, something that is quick to put together, yet crisp. It pairs well with casual shirts, t-shirts, shorts, jeans, relaxed pants, and boxy fit clothing. 

Delft: Sporty and dynamic, Delft is a slip-on sandal with two straps. Ideally a day sandal, it pairs well with super casual and athletic styles. Designed to provide comfort even during substantial movement, it is ideal for men who plan to spend a day out and about.

BIRKENSTOCK Style and Comfort

BIRKENSTOCK has a responsibility to you, and the environment, too. While providing you with high-quality materials, customized fit, and visually appealing footwear, we ensure that our production process and materials are sustainable.  From the materials we source, such as leather, jute, cork, and rubber, to the ones we develop, such as textile options and Birko-Flor, all of it is responsibly sourced and produced.  

The contoured footbed provides niches for the toes and heels to settle in while supporting the foot arch. Designed to make you feel as comfortable as standing on a sandy beach, it fulfils the promise of providing the utmost ease during movement and rest.

All in all, once you experience a BIRKENSTOCK sandal, you’re bound to be loyal for life. Be it casuals, semi-casuals, workwear, or something dressy, our multi-strap sandals have always got your feet! Shop now, and find your perfect BIRKENSTOCK today.

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