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The BIRKENSTOCK Honnef: The Only Shoes You’ll Need in Your Wardrobe


What do you look for in a perfect shoe?

  • Pleasing to the eye with striking details
  • Comfortable to wear all day long
  • Made from high-quality materials that last long

Honnef by BIRKENSTOCK checks all the boxes. The versatile and chic design, sturdy materials and detailing, and the ultra-comfortable removable Deep Blue Footbed make this the perfect shoe for wearing all day long. Honnef is all the hype at the moment among our patrons, and rightly so.

Key Features:

The versatile and stylish Honnef is a sneaker-style lace-up shoe. The unisex shoe is designed for timeless aesthetic appeal and comfort. Let’s dive deeper into what makes this particular model so special:

Deep Blue Footbed: The star of the Honnef shoe is our Deep Blue Footbed. Engineered to maximize comfort, it comprises four layers:

  • The Shock-absorbing layer
  • Woven Jute Layer
  • Anatomically shaped cork layer
  • Wool/Polyester or Microfiber Lining

These layers reduce the stress on pressure points on the feet and joints during both movement and rest. The footbed promotes great foot health and climate, and a natural walking motion. The comfort is akin to walking barefoot on a sandy beach. No matter where you are and what you’re doing, your feet will always be at ease, owing to the Deep Blue Footbed of Honnef.

Material and Make: Honnef is crafted from sustainable and durable materials like oiled nubuck leather and suede. The playful pastel pink option breaks the monotony of the neutral brown and black colours. The laces enable custom fit and the padded heel provides an extra layer of comfort. The shoe has a wide cork sole and a mudguard in the front that prevents dirt build-up on the shoe, thus increasing longevity. The upper material, metal rivet detailing, and EVA sole: all lend a robust, durable feel to the shoe.

Height Options: Honnef is available in two height variations: High and Low. Honnef High features an ankle-high shaft and a warm lining. This makes it an ideal winter boot. Honnef Low has a typical sneaker height that ends before the ankle. It has a microfiber lining, making it ideal for autumn and summer.

Styling Tips for Honnef

Everyday Casuals: For people with a fun, casual style, Honnef Low is ideal. It pairs well with all styles of jeans, shirts, sweater-tops, cardigans, hoodies, knitted dresses, oversized jumpers, print-on-print combinations, solid colors, etc.

Travel Companion: For people who need a reliable, durable shoe for all kinds of adventures, both Honnef High and Low are ideal travel buddies. They pair well with cargo pants, shorts, t-shirts, light jackets, camouflage prints, solid dresses, and even fancy athleisure-inspired ensembles.

Sassy Street Style: For those cold, chilly days, Honnef High is your ideal winter street style accessory. Pair it with long trench coats, high socks/ stockings, sheath dresses, long cardigans, stylized knitted sweaters, woollen skirts, worsted wool pants, etc.

To sum it up, Honnef is your wardrobe’s best friend. It keeps you stylish, your feet well protected, and can take care of itself, much like your fine self! It is easy to care for and ensures you’re always comfortable. So, wait no more. Move from wishlist, add to cart, and buy now!

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