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BIRKENSTOCK Bestsellers for Spring/Summer ‘23

Hello, dear patrons. It’s that time of the year when we start rounding up the best footwear styles of the season. This spring/summer caught us at our innovative and creative best and had us launching new models, as well as classics with a twist. As we look back, it gives us immense delight to see the amount of love you’ve shown to some of our styles, making them the bestsellers of the season. Here are YOUR top five picks:

1. Gizeh EVA: It comes as no surprise that the classic BIRKENSTOCK Gizeh is one of our bestsellers this season. The simple yet modern thong sandal features an elegant smoothly curved upper design and an adjustable buckle for a customizable fit. The EVA sandal is waterproof, flexible, shock-absorbent, odor-neutral, and skin-friendly. The faded lime sandal has a playful aesthetic, making it perfect for wearing at the poolside, to the beach, and post-workout sessions.
2. Arizona Platform: The crowd-favorite BIRKENSTOCK Arizona sandals are available in a platform-heeled variant as a part of the Papillio collection. Designed for comfort, the women’s sandals feature the iconic double-strap upper with adjustable metal pin buckles. The beveled heel coupled with the footbed results in an incredibly comfortable wearing experience. The contemporary purple fog nubuck leather sandals make for the perfect weekend casual or holiday accessory.
3. Honnef Low: Fashion meets comfort in the very special BIRKENSTOCK Honnef. The lace-up shoes feature a wide cork sole with a padded heel that adds an extra element of comfort. The mudguard at the front prevents dirt build-up. The lightweight and ever-comfortable Deep Blue footbed ensures prolonged wearing comfort. The whale gray suede shoe is perfect for people who are constantly on their feet, making it perfect for wearing on a holiday, on business casual trips, and with everyday casuals.
4. Madrid: Of course, a BIRKENSTOCK Madrid variant was bound to make the cut. The iconic single-strap slippers have remained a bestseller for 60 years. The minimal, sleek design with a color-coordinated adjustable metal pin buckle, combined with the comfort of the footbed makes Madrid a shoe rack staple. The copper Birko-Flor® sandals have a glossy, metallic finish that elevates the simple sandal to a luxe level. They are the best sandals for women who like an effortless glamorous day-to-night look.
5. Uji: Launched earlier this year, BIRKENSTOCK Uji has quickly become a widely favored model for our patrons. The sporty, almost futuristic slip-on sandal features double straps with practical hook and loop fasteners. The double rivet detail adds to the modernity of the sandal. The color-coordinated outsole finishes the sandal with sophistication. The stylish slippers for men and women are made with suede and nubuck leather. Wear the thyme sandals for your next street style, athleisure, holiday, or casual look.
6. Gizeh: While the Gizeh EVA version has already made an appearance earlier in our rankings, another captivating variation emerges – the Gizeh in metallic copper Birko-Flor. The BIRKENSTOCK Gizeh remains a timeless classic, seamlessly blending optimal traction with a sleek and contemporary design. In this rendition, the sandal undergoes a striking transformation, embracing an extravagant electric metallic aesthetic. When it comes to styling the BIRKENSTOCK Gizeh in metallic copper Birko-Flor, the possibilities are as dynamic as the sandal itself. For a casual daytime look, pair them with light-washed denim shorts and a white oversized button-down shirt, offering a balance between sophistication and relaxation. To elevate your evening attire, combine the metallic sheen with a flowing maxi dress in a complementary shade, allowing the sandals to shine as a bold statement accessory.
7. Arizona: The BIRKENSTOCK Arizona sandal for men steps into the limelight in a refined Faded Khaki hue. A true embodiment of enduring style, the Arizona stands as a classic that has been captivating men for decades. This iteration of the beloved sandal introduces a contemporary twist by offering a vegan version, aligning with modern ethical considerations. For a laid-back and polished look, pair the sandals with tailored chinos and a crisp white button-down shirt, striking the ideal balance between relaxation and refinement. Elevate your casual outfit by combining the Arizona with well-fitted denim jeans and a classic crew-neck sweater, resulting in an ensemble that exudes understated sophistication.
8. Bend: Stepping into the spotlight next is the effortlessly casual BIRKENSTOCK Bend sneaker. Its unassuming design holds the power to harmoniously complement a variety of outfits. As functional as it is stylish, the Bend sneaker incorporates an additional midsole crafted from a combination of PU and cork, delivering impeccable shock absorption for unparalleled comfort. With the inclusion of breathable microfiber material, moisture absorption reaches optimal levels, ensuring a fresh stride in any situation. This iteration of the Bend sneaker stands apart with its distinct material amalgamation. The premium, lightly textured natural leather pairs harmoniously with flesh-out leather, creating a distinctive juxtaposition. Through meticulous crafting, the inside of the nubuck leather undergoes a transformative process, resulting in a velvety soft texture that encompasses the shoe's upper. Elevate the BIRKENSTOCK Bend sneaker's versatile charm with a distinctive urban-inspired look. Combine these sneakers with slim-fit black jeans, a monochrome graphic t-shirt, and a tailored black bomber jacket. This ensemble exudes a sleek and edgy aesthetic, perfectly complementing the Bend sneaker's minimalist design.
9. Mayari: Experience the epitome of style and comfort with the versatile BIRKENSTOCK Mayari Vegan thong sandal in Black. Infused with an air of jaunty modernity, the Mayari stands out as a unisex sandal that seamlessly merges design and comfort. Its gracefully flowing silhouette not only captures attention but also delivers an exquisite balance of visual appeal and enduring comfort. Enhanced by a color-coordinated outsole, the Mayari radiates sophistication that adds a polished touch to its overall appearance. Pair these modern yet timeless sandals with cuffed jeans and a relaxed linen button-up shirt for a effortlessly chic summer look.
10. Milano: Concluding our list is the Milano – a robust yet sophisticated double-strap sandal featuring a secure backstrap. The featured version showcases the Milano in Natural leather, presented in the shade of Dark Brown. The BIRKENSTOCK Milano epitomizes unwavering stability and maximum grip, catering to a spectrum of movement scenarios. This assurance is achieved through the compactness of its dual straps and the wide backstrap, which work in tandem to provide steadfast footing. Crafted from premium soft natural leather, the Milano seamlessly unites durability and comfort, offering a refined solution for both style and practicality. Pair these double-strap sandals with tailored cargo pants and a relaxed-fit tee. The earthy tones of the pants complement the rich brown of the sandals for a harmonious look. Add a touch of rugged sophistication with a distressed denim jacket layered over the tee.For those who haven’t gotten your hands on the season’s best slippers for men and women yet, we implore you not to miss out on these super stylish and comfortable picks. For those of you who have, show us your personal style by tagging us on social media and using the hashtag #birkenstockindia. Till then, happy styling and happy shopping!

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