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10 Little-known Facts About BIRKENSTOCK

BIRKENSTOCK sandals are becoming more and more popular. These days, you can spot the brand's footwear almost everywhere: on the street, on the beach, or at the office. That's because these shoes are available in diverse colors, models, shapes, and sizes. BIRKENSTOCK cultivates an image of a family business that puts the quality of its products above all else. But do you want to learn some little-known facts about BIRKENSTOCK? We are happy to unravel 10 of them. 

1. There are over 100 different versions of the best-selling Arizona BIRKENSTOCK sandals

With wedge heel, cozy shearling, softer sole, or elegant buckle, the Arizona model is the best-selling model in the world. It is available on the BIRKENSTOCK site in over 100 different versions, various colors, or materials (leather, synthetic Birko-Flor, etc.). 

2. BIRKENSTOCK sells shoes in over 100 countries all over the world

BIRKENSTOCK'S mission is to provide everyone in the world with access to a healthy, comfortable, and affordable footbed. The brand is quite successful because BIRKENSTOCKs can now be bought in 90 countries all over the world! It is therefore not for nothing that it is the best brand for foot comfort.

3. BIRKENSTOCK is loved and appreciated by stars

In the early 1990s, Birkenstocks, previously connected with comfort yet not really stylish look, were introduced into high fashion. Their popularity increased when Kate Moss wore some for a magazine shoot. However, that's not the only celebrity that loved the sandals. Famous personalities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes or Shaquille O’Neal were spotted wearing popular Birkenstocks. What is more, such designers as Giambattista Valli and Givenchy have created their own versions of the sandal.


4. There are more than 800 BIRKENSTOCK shoe models

The BIRKENSTOCK collection consists of more than 800 models. It is, therefore, a brand for the whole family: women, men, and children. The Madrid model has been around since 1963 and is still popular.

5. The legend of BIRKENSTOCK was born in 1774, but it was not until 1963 that the first pair with the famous sole was invented.

In 1776, Johann Adam BIRKENSTOCK was registered as a "shoemaker" in the religious archives of the city of Langen-Bergheim, in Hesse, Germany. The legend around the BIRKENSTOCK family was then born. But it took more than a century for the brand of the anatomical sandal to emerge. Finally, in 1896 Konrad BIRKENSTOCK, master shoemaker, and owner of two brand stores in Frankfurt, began manufacturing and selling flexible anatomical insoles.

The famous "footbed" soles were then born! And in 1963, the first pair of sandals with an ergonomic sole actually saw the light of day. The single-buckle "Madrid" model, still sold by the group, was then launched.

6. BIRKENSTOCK is the inventor of the footbed

It's unbelievable, but it's a fact: the BIRKENSTOCK brand invented the footbed. But not just the word, the shape too. A footbed is a support for the foot where the toes are protected by the raised edge. The unique BIRKENSTOCK footbed ensures a correct, natural position of the foot and a natural rolling movement. Thanks to this part of footwear, BIRKENSTOCKs are so comfortable to wear, and you can walk with them on your feet all day. 

7. BIRKENSTOCK uses high-quality raw materials only

The brand attaches great importance to proper raw materials. For example, BIRKENSTOCK works with dyed leather only and uses high-quality natural raw materials for the footbed. It is made from materials such as cork, jute, natural latex, and wool felt.

8. There are 17 stages of Arizona production process

Arizona sandal is the BIRKENSTOCK bestseller. However, to produce this model, each shoe must go through 17 stages of the manufacturing process, including footbed baking, lining the straps, and punching the upper. 

9. A footprint in the sand was the inspiration for the anatomical shape of the footbed.

One of the reasons why the BIRKENSTOCK footbed is so comfortable is that it imitates the natural footprint in the sand. The original BIRKENSTOCK footbed consists of four layers:

  • Base layer, which is made of jute that stabilizes the footbed
  • Core layer is made of cork and latex, which ensures breathability, temperature regulation, and flexibility
  • The second layer of jute that regulates moisture
  • Top layer is made of suede, which creates a comfortable fit

The perfect interplay of the individual materials and their properties make BIRKENSTOCK shoes extremely comfortable to wear. In addition, the flexible footbed also naturally stimulates the muscles of the foot. 

10. Steve Jobs, the co-founder of the Apple brand, loved BIRKENSTOCK Arizona sandals.

Famous Apple's boss was a massive fan of the BIRKENSTOCK brand, and he often wore the BIRKENSTOCK tan suede Arizona model. What's interesting, a pair of BIRKENSTOCK sandals worn by Steve Jobs has been displayed at one of the Apple stores in New York.

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