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10 comfy yet adorable autumn women's sandals your feet will love

In autumn, all the seasons meet. We can stop for longer minutes to enjoy the wealth of nature: baskets full of sweet fruits, boxes heavy with fantastic vegetables, and trees swaying off their gold and red leaves. Just like autumn is the richness of the year and caleidoscope of all colors, BIRKENSTOCKS’S autumn collection of sandals for ladies has it all. Women like good style and comfort for themselves all year round. 

The following are selected styles suitable for lower temperatures, as they effectively wrap feet with fantastic shearling lining.

Here are, 10 BIRKENSTOCK styles that you are guaranteed to "fall" for.

  1. New exclusive Arizona Shearling sandals from BIRKENSTOCKS are nothing but a pure invitation for delicate women's feet. It is thanks to an irresistible, cozy white shearling lining, which sits on the anatomically formed footbed, made from cork and latex. How does it feel for feet? The feet literally model the bed of sandals to their unique shape. Shoes can’t be more comfortable, they have just adopted the form of our feet. The genuine shearling fur gives extra pleasant sensations and warmth. Thick, oiled nubuck leather was used to make beautiful uppers, which come in various colors: lavender, black, habana, navy, and iron. Two straps have metal pin buckles to be adjusted individually on each foot. The iconic style and elegant line of these shoes are a pleasure for the eyes as much as for the feet.

  2. The Glenda Teddy model from Papillio, made in Portugal has fashionable platform wedge heels. They are back-strapped flat sandals manufactured from natural leather and genuine shearling. The footbed lining is smooth leather, while the upper is natural leather with shearling.
  3. The Boston Big Buckle Teddy in colors black and eggshell for members only. They were called the evolution of classic Boston clogs and they are. Both upper and footbed are made of shearling with a combination of microfibre. They will please all teddy bear fans for sure. Well made shoes, when put on feet, can be immediately forgotten, they just serve their purpose beautifly. They do not scratch, squeeze, or squeak. They naturally let us walk in any weather and any season of the year..
  4. Buckley Shearling clogs are easily recognized as BIRKENSTOCK classical shoes with exposed cork footbeds. They are semi-open moccasin clogs with suede uppers and genuine shearling as the footbed lining. Good for windy days, as well as for the sunny ones.
  5. Zermatt Premium in black, called by some ultimate slippers, with their shearling lining are ideal for strolling indoors and outdoors. They are equipped with removable cork-latex footbeds. No cold can affect you in them.
  6. Florida Fresh Shearling is extremely feminine in the lavender option. They are three-strap sandals of the most elegant look. All straps are with adjustable metal buckles. And what is present and well working inside your shoe? The famous footbed from BIRKENSTOCK
  7. Mayari Shearling sandals boast a very original design with toe loop and adjustable crisscrossing straps plus D pin buckles. They are eye-catching with their shape and feet- soothing with their generous shearling lining.
  8. Blair Shearling clogs look feminine with their slim crossed straps. Uppers are made from oiled nubuck leather. These shoes serve well all year round. As they say, there is no bad weather, only bad clothing. With BIRKENSTOCK shoes on, the weather is always good.
  9. Madrid Big Buckle Shearling slides are famous for their original design. They do look fashionable and posh. The designer, elegant buckle is very attractive and brings positive associations to classical trends.  Like all shoes in this selection, this pair has a fantastic cork-latex footbed and shearling lining, which guarantee comfort and a cozy feeling.
  10. Boston Shearling clogs have already become classic styles at BIRKENSTOCK, They are cognizable, well known, and more and more popular. This model comes in various colors, for example, Red/Maroon or Black. They are the favorites of many with their simple lines and charming look.

So who waits for autumn? This season brings new opportunities with new winds. It brings fresh ideas for the following months. Good shoes for autumn come in a variety of elegant styles and colors at BIRKENSTOCK. Go and indulge yourself for this unique period of the year. All the success is yours.

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