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What Makes BIRKENSTOCK Footwear So Comfortable

To all ardent BIRKENSTOCK lovers and newbies out there, we want you to know more about us -  what we do, what drives us, and what we believe in. We wish to take you on a journey of the brand through our core philosophies: function, quality, and tradition. One goes hand in hand with the other. Today, we shine the spotlight on ‘Function’, which has become synonymous with our iconic footbed.

Copied endlessly but impossible to equal, the footbed manifests our simple, yet complex, goal: to enable walking as nature intended. Deep-rooted in orthopedic values, our footbed is at the heart and soul of everything we’ve been doing for two and a half centuries.

The Heart of BIRKENSTOCKThe iconic footbed lies at the core of every BIRKENSTOCK sandal, embodying the wisdom passed down through generations of the BIRKENSTOCK family. Its invention sought to achieve a seemingly simple yet elusive goal: to enable a natural walking style. To fulfill this purpose, the footbed's design is meticulously crafted to support the intricate structure of the human foot, perfectly mimicking a footprint in the sand. Its layered construction incorporates a distinctive blend of natural materials, expertly processed through bespoke manufacturing techniques. This results in unparalleled durability and flexibility, establishing the BIRKENSTOCK footbed as an unrivaled exemplar of functionality.

The Original FootbedDesigned to cradle your feet in utmost comfort no matter the nature of activities, the footbed ensures a natural position for your feet and aids in the rolling motion of walking. The anatomically shaped structure of the footbed includes:

Deep Heel Cup: The deep heel cup supports the heel bone and holds it firmly. It provides as much support as a closed show.

Heel Mold: This part stabilizes the back of the foot muscles and activates the calf muscles, thereby improving gait and coordination.

Longitudinal Arch Supports: These interior and exterior arches that run along the footbed stabilize the tarsal bone and help stabilize the foot while taking a step.

Transverse Arch Support: This runs through the middle of the footbed and supports the metatarsal bone. It helps your feet have a naturally straight and solid stance.

Toe Grip: This is a raised indentation for the toes. It helps your toes spread out in a natural position and supports the rolling motion of walking.

Footbed Edge: The footbed edge is higher near the toes to protect them during walking.

The Natural Footbed Materials

BIRKENSTOCK makes use of natural materials which are breathable and durable in the construction of the footbed. This makes the footbed skin-friendly and comfortable.

First Jute Style: The foundation layer sets the base for the stabilization of the cork-latex core.Cork Latex Bed: This core layer is where most of the magic happens. Made using natural cork and latex milk, this layer provides cushioning and flexibility and also relieves the foot. The insulating properties help maintain a good foot climate.Second Jute Style: Placed around the edge of the bedding, this thick jute layer contributes to the flexibility and longevity of the footwear. It also helps regulate moisture to ensure a good foot climate.Suede Cover: The high-quality suede cover finishes the footbed. Its moisture-absorbing properties help maintain a pleasant foot climate.Discover the magic of the BIRKENSTOCK function with some of our iconic styles: Arizona, Gizeh, and Madrid. Once you slip into one of our sandals, you wouldn’t want to go back to anything else. We will continue to give you unparalleled comfort and contemporary styles that last for years. And that’s almost a 250-year-old pinkie toe promise!

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