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The magic of the BIRKENSTOCK Soft Footbed

We have a confession to make. Turns out, there is something more comfortable than a BIRKENSTOCK sandal. Yes, it’s true. And, it would be a shame to keep that kind of comfort a secret. Wanna know what it is? The only thing more comfortable than a BIRKENSTOCK sandal is a BIRKENSTOCK sandal with a Soft Footbed.

The heart and soul of our philosophy of comfort manifest in the legendary footbed. A term we coined in the 1930s, it was used to describe contoured inner soles with support elements. The footbed takes inspiration from the natural footprint on fine sand and mimics the comfort you experience while walking on a soft, sandy beach.

With a desire to add more comfort to your walking experience, we went one step further and introduced the soft footbed. Read on to find out what makes the soft footbed different:

BIRKENSTOCK Soft Footbed: The Quintessence of Comfort

Our footbed is designed to keep you comfortable at all times. The anatomically shaped footbed consists of a deep heel cup, transverse and longitudinal arch support, and a toe box. The roomy design allows your feet to spread out naturally, and the rises and indentations offer optimum support. The footbed aids in the rolling motion of walking, ensures a natural and comfortable stance, prevents ankle twisting, and promotes great foot health. Our footbed is often copied but never equaled.

While the standard footbed consists of four layers for stability and comfort, the soft footbed features an extra layer:

  1. First Jute Style: This forms the base of our footbed, and offers stabilization to the other layers.
  2. Cork Latex Bed: This layer is the heart of the footbed. The cushioning and flexibility of this layer relieve the foot. The natural materials have an insulating effect, thus ensuring a good foot climate by regulating the heat and cold.
  3. Second Jute Style: This layer is applied to the edge of the bedding. The dense jute layer is majorly responsible for enhancing flexibility and ensuring the longevity of the sandal. The natural material helps in regulating moisture.
  4. Foam Insert: This is where the magic happens. This foam insert separates the regular footbed from the soft footbed. It consists of millions of tiny air bubbles that offer a special wearing experience. This anatomically shaped insert ensures a more comfortable fit.
  5. Suede Cover: The high-quality natural suede leather layer finishes the footbed and offers moisture absorption and helps regulate the foot climate.

The soft footbed is marked by the logo and details printed in blue on the footbed.

BIRKENSTOCK Soft Footbed Styles

Arizona Soft Footbed: This Arizona soft-footbed suede leather variant in antique white is your ideal everyday accessory. The popular double buckle strap sandal comes with color-coordinated buckles and outsole that add oodles of chic. This sandal is perfect for pairing with street style, everyday casuals, athleisure, etc.Boston Soft Footbed: This Boston soft footbed suede leather clog in stone coin is extremely versatile. It offers the grip of a closed shoe and the stability of a slip-on sandal all at once. The adjustable buckle strap enables a custom fit. Pair the classic clog with street style, business formals, Friday dressing, etc.Gizeh Soft Footbed: This Gizeh soft footbed nubuck leather sandal is ever-stylish and elegant. The thong sandal features a toe post and a strap with an adjustable metal pin buckle. The dove gray sandal with a color-coordinated outsole will make a sophisticated accessory for resort wear, everyday basics, and street style.Our soft footbed sandals guarantee a highly comfortable and exceptional wearing experience. We suggest you wait no more, and order a pair of the most comfortable sandals you will ever set foot in today!

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