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Make Everyday Earth Day With BIRKENSTOCK

What do you look for when you buy footwear? Comfort and utility, of course. Aesthetic appeal? Yes. A good fit? Definitely. But have you also started to think how your footwear impacts the environment? Is it produced sustainably?
Earth Day has presented a unique opportunity for brands and consumers to re-evaluate their relationship with the environment in recent times, leading to wiser and more eco-conscious fashion choices. BIRKENSTOCK has always believed in making the world a better place, be it through design, traditional craftsmanship, production, or sustainable business practices.

The Beginning

Since the beginning in 1774, BIRKENSTOCK has been sustainable at heart, and its soul has always been the footbed. Focused on long lasting user-comfort, the iconic footbed design was as unique then as it is now. In 1988, environmentally safe adhesives were first used for production by brand. This move set an example worldwide and reflected the brand’s ecological awareness. Today, 98% of the adhesives used are water-based and environmentally friendly. In 1990, footbed production was modernized and expanded keeping in mind environmental concerns. Energy consumption too was consciously reduced by 90%.

Sustainable Materials

High quality is a priority at BIRKENSTOCK. From the selection of materials to the production process, every step is carefully executed. Materials such as buckles, rivets, upper body, lining and the complete sandal are produced in-house. This allows the brand to control a large portion of the supply chain, therefore containing environmental impact. Not only is the highest quality of natural leather processed gently to retain the natural grain and properties, but an entire Vegan collection has also been produced with utmost responsibility to the environment.

Vegan Collection

BIRKENSTOCK brings together design and comfort with their Vegan collection as an ode to Earth Day, to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Choosing vegan fashion makes sense for animal welfare and environmental reasons. And there are plenty of ways you can ensure that your wardrobe benefits both animals and the planet. The Vegan collection includes styles like Arizona, Gizeh, Mayari, Yao, and Madrid among others that pair seamlessly with almost every wardrobe favourite, whether casuals, lounge-wear, athleisure, or power-dressing, making them everyday essentials that are sustainability-friendly.

With BIRKENSTOCK, our vegan footwear is curated using skin-friendly materials that boast fine textures and colours, so much so that it can be mistaken for real leather. Our collection is entirely free of animal products, as verified by independent testing laboratories.
Happy World Earth Day! Discover our Vegan Collection here:

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