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Be Out And About In Your BIRKENSTOCKS

Streetwear style is becoming increasingly popular amongst fashion enthusiasts. BIRKENSTOCK levels up this style with versatile and sustainable footwear models.
A seamless mix of upmarket fashion and comfort, the streetwear style is an individualistic approach to fashion that has caught on and is here to stay. What would you wear when you step out? Something that suits your current mood, or fashion experiment, or just something that’s super cozy, right? No matter what outfit you wear, comfortable footwear is something you should never compromise on. Enter BIRKENSTOCK.
Contemporary, comfortable and timeless: this is how BIRKENSTOCK is defined. With an iconic anatomically shaped footbed and skin friendly, responsibly produced materials, comfort for your feet is rest assured. You can never go wrong with the classic yet modern aesthetic.
We’ve curated some of the best BIRKENSTOCK streetwear styles for you here.

One style many purposes

THE TOLERANT TEMA: The beauty of this versatile sandal is that it’s practically for everyone! This functional, sporty, and unisex model is available in microfiber and a mix of microfiber and PU. It has a single strap with an adjustable loop-and-hook binding, and a fun, color coordinated footbed. This cool, slip on style is perfect for people who are multitaskers, always on the move, and also for the relaxed, laid back ones.
Available colors: Blue, yellow, green, beige, pink, black
Styling tips: Pairs well with athleisure, flared pants and a crop top, cropped trousers/shorts and a long shirt/t-shirt.

Relaxed chic

THE ZINGY ZURICH: This relaxed, chic, and unisex sandal is ultra-lightweight, yet durable. Available in Birko-Flor®, suede, and natural leather, it has one strap with two individually adjustable metal tongue buckles for a firm grip. This model is for people who like to switch from work to play, the ones who mix work trips with adventures, and want to do everything at once!
Available colors: Blue, green, beige, gray, brown, camouflage print
Styling tips: Couples well with relaxed semi-formals, long trench coats, soft peplum jackets, wide-brimmed hats, shorts, linen shirts, and tea-length skirts.

Bold and beautiful

THE KINETIC KYOTO:This bold, compact model is a variation of Zurich. Available in a combination of suede and nubuck leather, it has a broad strap which comfortably hugs your feet, with an individually adjustable hook and loop closure. The dual rivet detail adds to the sturdy impression of the sandal. It has two footbed variations, regular and soft. For people who are extremely outdoorsy, opt for the sophisticated Kyoto!
Available colors: Blue, gray, beige, brown
Styling tips: Goes agreeably with anti-fits, lounge pants, joggers, sweatshirts, and everything casual.

One for the go-getters

THE NOVEL NAGOYA:This sleek, compact, closed sandal is the definition of sophistication. Available in a combination of Birko-Flor®, nubuck leather and suede, it provides a good hold on the feet. It has dual rivet details on the side, complimenting its stable appearance. Another style for the workaholics and go getters, those who always opt for classics and no-brainers to use the time in more productive stuff should definitely invest in the NAGOYA.
Available colors: Blue, gray, black, brown
Styling tips: Style confidently with unisex clothing, cropped trousers, a loose t-shirt and an open button shirt on top with a short-brimmed hat, and a long fabric belt. This will also pair well with formal or semi formal outfits.

No matter which BIRKENSTOCK sandal you opt for, your streetstyle game will always be on the top with our easy, urbane, and timeless footwear styles. Make BIRKENSTOCK your wardrobe staple, and we promise, you will always have the perfect sandal for all your outfits!

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