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BIRKENSTOCK has always been known to take function and comfort very seriously. And why not? After all, there is no greater joy than slipping into a pair of shoes that give you the feeling of walking on a beach. But what takes this comfort a notch higher is a versatile and modern visual appeal. So, we decided to put together the gravitas of our traditional values and the dynamism and practicality of today to give you the most perfect sneaker: the BIRKENSTOCK Bend.

BIRKENSTOCK Bend: A Contemporary SneakerThe BIRKENSTOCK Bend is a modern and active sneaker. It has all the qualities of contemporary style and youthful appeal along with the elements that make it identifiable as a quintessential BIRKENSTOCK shoe. The iconic anatomically shaped footbed is the soul of the sneaker, forming a contoured base on which your feet can rest. Inspired by natural footprints on fine sand, the footbed mimics the soles of the feet. The deep heel cup, arch supports, and toe box ensure that your feet have enough room and the right space to nestle in. This ensures infallible stability and a natural stance even during the most rigorous movements.

Bend is inspired by and designed for the youth of today, celebrating a modern and energetic outlook toward a life lived of authenticity, confidence, and courage. It is an ode to a different view of the world on a tilted axis, filled with substance and honesty. The sneaker combines play and function flawlessly, echoing the BIRKENSTOCK ethos of impeccable craftsmanship, high function, and unparalleled comfort.

Design Details and Styling BIRKENSTOCK BendBend is a sneaker that blends seamlessly into what we call a playful everyday luxury aesthetic. The high-quality textile, leather, and suede sneakers have a clean and minimalist design with color-coordinated tie-up laces. The additional PU sole offers optimum shock absorption. Bend is the perfect mix of superior quality make, high function, and a sprightly visual appeal.  The sneaker, anything but simple, is a testament to the attention to detail that goes into making it highly versatile and comfortable.

The men’s and ladies’ sneakers are available in two height options: low and mid. The former ends below the ankle, while the latter is an ankle-high shoe. The material options available are natural leather, premium leather, suede, and canvas. The color palette ranges from earthy tones to classic shades and pop colors.

Pair the suede leather sneakers with denim-on-denim looks, chunky knits, light winter layers, skater dresses, all-white cotton ensembles, and more. The rich leather sneakers are best suited for Friday dressing, dressy evening ensembles, dressy casual wear, etc. The canvas and suede shoes have a playful look best suited for athleisure and everyday basics.

Truly an essential everyday luxury, Bend has the best of both worlds: the vivacity of versatile style, and timeless comfort. The modern BIRKENSTOCK sneaker is an accessory you will fall in love with from the first wear. Don’t forget to take good care of the sneakers to ensure longevity. Shop now, and show us how you style Bend with the hashtag #BirkenstockIndia on social media.