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The New BIRKENSTOCK BOLD Shearling Collection Is Here!

Hello, readers! It gives us immense pride and joy to share with you the second range of the BIRKENSTOCK BOLD collection. The BOLD Shearling range features exclusive and premium men’s footwear, inspired by the robust and classic appeal of vintage workwear. This collection is a tribute to craftsmanship inspired by age-old civilizations, celebrating the natural make of the materials used, and of course, our philosophy of timeless style and unmatched comfort.

The Collaboration Taking forward the collaborative ideology behind the BIRKENSTOCK BOLD collection of working with craftsmen and curators, we collaborated with Vince Skelly, a California-based sculptor. His work draws inspiration from ancient buildings and compares them to present-day structures, seeking a link between the past, present, and future. He sculpts with wood, respecting and celebrating the uniqueness that comes with each block. His values align with ours seamlessly – originating from a rich heritage and giving them just the right amount of modern touch. His work is natural and profound and has an almost totemic acknowledgment to it. It revels in the exclusivity of something handcrafted, each piece having its own shade of character, making it ever so slightly different than the rest.

The All-New BOLD ShearlingBIRKENSTOCK takes forward the immaculately handcrafted BOLD range, focused on menswear inspired by vintage workwear with the BOLD Shearling collection. Our iconic models Arizona and Boston have been reimagined with a robust and traditional appearance. The high-quality natural grain leather forms the upper, meant to gain character over time. The footbed and the upper come lined with premium shearling for additional warmth. The antique aesthetic is further complemented by wider straps with double-rowed eyelets. The double-pronged brass buckles add an element of toughness and stability. The distinctively masculine range is designed to withstand the demands of prolonged wear and will develop a unique texture and patina over time. The BOLD Shearling styles are long-lasting, aesthetically appealing, and functionally sturdy.

The Collection

Arizona BOLD Shearling: The timeless BIRKENSTOCK Arizona sandals have been given a warm and robust twist for the BOLD collection. The dual straps are wider and feature two rows of eyelets along half the length. The double-pronged brass buckles make for a robust element on the supple natural leather upper. The muted natural curly shearling lining adds coziness and softness. The sandal is available in two classic shades: espresso and cognac.Boston BOLD Shearling: The veritable classic clog comes in a sturdier shearling-lined variant for this collection. The ease of a slip-on style is what makes this clog so coveted. The closed-toe natural leather upper has an understated sheen. The toughness of the model is emphasized by the dual rows of eyelets and the double-pronged adjustable brass buckles. The curly lambskin shearling lining offers additional warmth, making it the perfect sandal for fall/winter. It is available in espresso and cognac.Every BIRKENSTOCK sandal undoubtedly features the iconic anatomically shaped footbed. Our footbed is our USP and offers the epitome of comfort our patrons swear by. Perfected over years, it is a part of our heritage and will continue to be at the heart of our philosophy of providing unparalleled comfort.

The BIRKENSTOCK Bold Shearling collection is built to last. We genuinely believe that anything that is well-made and equally well-maintained gets more comfortable and beautiful over time, just like our footwear. Check out the collection, and celebrate with us the joy of having crafted something unique and dependable, just like us, just like you.

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