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Bending Reality with BIRKENSTOCK

In a constantly changing world, the best strategy is to go with the flow. Being flexible - whether physically or with plans is imperative, without, of course, bending over backwards. The BIRKENSTOCK Bend embodies the spirit of staying true to yourself yet adapting to new circumstances in moments of change. Bend has been created for people who forge ahead with grit, who are unabashedly true to themselves while moving with the times. Youthful, sprightly, and practical, the BIRKENSTOCK Bend is a sneaker for the confident and the dynamic.


Inspired by the universally favorite sneaker design, Bend is a ‘simple’ unisex sneaker, amped-up BIRKENSTOCK style. It offers the comfort of a sandal in a lace-up shoe model. Made using the highest quality materials, the Bend has a luxurious, yet playful, vibe. Its color-coordinated laces lend a look of sophistication. The visually gorgeous sneaker is, in equal measure, highly functional. The additional PU and cork midsole ensures maximum shock absorption.

Like BIRKENSTOCK footwear, the Bend sneaker also features the iconic footbed that makes the sneaker a class apart. Inspired by footprints on fine sand, the anatomically shaped footbed cradles your feet perfectly, ensuring maximum comfort even during hectic activities. The deep heel cup, transverse and longitudinal arch supports, and the roomy toe box allow your feet to rest in a natural position and spread out comfortably. The footbed offers ultimate comfort, ensures a natural posture, prevents ankle twisting, aids in the rolling motion of walking, and promotes good foot health. All these properties make the BIRKENSTOCK Bend the best sneakers for men and women.

Style Guide for BIRKENSTOCK Bend

The Bend sneaker is available in a variety of materials, colors, and height options. Discover the all-new variants and how to style them right here:

Bend Low: This sneaker variant ends just below the ankle, giving it a casual and sporty look. One of the best sneakers for women and men, Bend Low is available in leather material options in various finishes.

Bend Embossed Suede Leather Sneakers: Made using embossed suede leather, these sneakers with a textural interest are uber-cool. Find them in fresh shades of blue, matcha, and purple fog. Pair them with casualwear, resort wear, and sporty/casual street style.

Also find Bend Low in regular leather, suede, or textile material options in shades of white, thyme, sandcastle, dark berry, metallic silver, etc.Bend Decon: The all-new Bend Decon range reimagines the classic sneaker in a new material mix with neutral color-blocking. Made using a combination of natural leather and flesh-out nubuck leather, the sneaker has a well-balanced refined sporty vibe. Find it in two color variants: eggshell/taupe and eggshell/mint. Pair them with polished looks in athleisure, resort wear, and casual wear.Another Bend Decon variant is these nubuck leather sneakers made using special ‘flesh-out’ leather. The inside of the nubuck leather is given a soft, velvety finish resulting in a look and feel that spells pure luxury. Find them in new antique white and mink color options. Pair them with refined street style, elevated everyday casuals, sleek athleisure, and more.Bend Mid: This ankle-high Bend variant gives a more refined look with more coverage, making it perfect for adventurous and activity-filled travel. Find this natural leather sneaker in black and Bend Decon nubuck leather sneakers in a velvety-finished gray taupe shade. Pair them with athleisure and resort wear, and dress them up or down with a dressy/rugged casual style.Stepping into a world of confidence, style, and comfort is exhilarating with the new BIRKENSTOCK range of Bend. Experience this sneaker, and we promise you won’t want to step down even half a notch.

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