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We get the appeal of high heels. We really do. But what we value more is good foot (and general anatomical) health. And what we know for sure, is that high heels can take a toll on your feet, and inadvertently, the health of your joints.

Prolonged wearing of heels has been associated with lower back pain, sore calves, and constricted blood vessels. Heels cause an awkward posture of the feet that leads to toe and forefoot injuries, heel pain, ankle twisting, and an awkward spinal curve. Not just heels, but any footwear that is inappropriately designed can lead to aches and problems. But it’s never too late to ditch them high heels and replace them with orthopedically designed and equally sassy BIRKENSTOCKS!

What makes us so special, you ask? Here’s the answer:


At the heart of all BIRKENSTOCK footwear lies the iconic anatomically shaped footbed. We coined the term in the 1930s that soon became synonymous with true BIRKENSTOCK comfort. It is inspired by the natural footprint on fine sand and emulates the same comfort you experience while walking on a beach.

The footbed design consists of a deep heel cup that nestles the heel and holds it in a natural position while providing optimum grip. The heel mold offers stability and activates the calf muscles for improved gait. The longitudinal arch support supports the tarsal bone and provides the stability required during movement. The transverse arch support stabilizes the metatarsal bone in the middle of the foot. This ensures a solid and natural stance. The toe grip has raised indentations that aid in the rolling motion of walking. The roomy toe box ensures that your toes have ample space to spread out in their natural position. The raised footbed edge protects your toes during movement.

Benefits of the BIRKENSTOCK FootbedOur footbed is often copied, but never equaled. The structure of the footbed is designed to help maintain a natural stance, improve posture, reduce the chances of ankle twisting, assist in active recovery, and provide unparalleled comfort. It helps keep the spine and legs in proper alignment and distribute the weight evenly on the whole foot. This promotes great foot health and well-being. We use natural materials like cork, latex, and jute to make the footbed. This ensures that it is breathable, flexible, stable, durable, and most importantly, sustainable. All BIRKENSTOCK shoes invariably feature the footbed.

But if all these medical terms have you going into a tizzy, allow us to entice you to the other side of the fence with our incredible alternatives:


As we said, we do understand the allure of heels. To maintain the style quotient along with oodles of comfort, we offer you Soley. The striking wedge-heel sandal is the epitome of sophistication. The slender instep strap is supported by the ankle strap, ensuring perfect balance and optimum stability. The round adjustable buckles enable a custom fit. Soley is available in leather options in neutrals, jewel tones, and pastels. Pair it with evening wear and dressy casuals.Arizona: The dual-strap sandal has remained a crowd favorite for decades. It is considered one of the best orthopedic shoes for women and men, thanks to its ultimately comfortable design. The classic BIRKENSTOCK slippers are available in a plethora of material and color options. Take your pick from more than a hundred options to fit your vibe.Boston: The BIRKENSTOCK clog is a veritable classic. It offers the grip of a closed shoe and the ease of a slip-on sandal. Find the versatile clog in a variety of colors and materials to suit your style requirements. One of the best orthopedic shoes for men and women, there is a Boston clog available for every outfit!Our dedication since our inception has been towards offering the best to our patrons. We want great foot health to be the norm, and hence, our comfortable footbed is all yours for the taking. Discover the best of BIRKENSTOCK styles, and fall in love with our timeless style and unparalleled comfort, today!