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The Magic of the BIRKENSTOCK Shoe Care Kit

It is an eminent fact, that when you take care of things really well, they last a long time. And everyone has something that they love, which they wish would last forever. In your case, dear patrons, it could be your BIRKENSTOCK sandals! Now, we don't make any guarantees that they will last forever, but we do know that if you take care of them properly, they have the potential to serve you for a very, very long time. Our footwear designs have always placed an emphasis on a classic aesthetic as well as unrivaled levels of wearer comfort, and they are complemented by an immaculate level of finish and high-quality components. To be honest, who wouldn’t want footwear with these qualities to last?

The Secret to a Long Life for a BIRKENSTOCK Model

At BIRKENSTOCK, we ensure that all the materials we use are of superior quality and highly durable. Our leather varieties, textile materials, and even brass and other metal that we use to make buckles are all of the most impeccable make. Our production process carefully ensures that every element is secured thoroughly before moving on to the next step. In fact, constant checks are done to ensure that all our materials are skin-friendly, so you never have to experience even the minutest discomfort.

To add to the top-notch quality, all our materials are responsibly sourced and produced. Our company is dedicated to sustainable practices. Sustainability is not just a good-to-have noun for us, but a reflection of our core values as a company. Since the brand's inception, protecting the environment has been a top priority at BIRKENSTOCK. We are continually seeking to better our manufacturing, product development, packaging, and distribution processes.

As an extension of the philosophy of sustainability, we believe that the best way to practice sustainability is to take care of the things you already own. Make the most of your BIRKENSTOCKS, but don't forget to treat them right and keep them in good condition. In the end, our sandals are a lot like wine in that they only get better with age. The BIRKENSTOCK sandal is designed to break in over time to become more comfortable. Although we guarantee that the materials and finish will be of the highest quality, the true test of BIRKENSTOCK durability will come when the shoes are put through their paces on a daily basis. We offer you a shoe care kit so that you can properly maintain both the top and the footbed.

The BIRKENSTOCK Shoe Care KitOur comprehensive shoe care kit includes a total of four different items, each of which is formulated to keep your BIRKENSTOCKS clean, smelling fresh, and free of stains. BIRKENSTOCKS are a gift that keeps on giving provided they are properly maintained and cared for. Read on to know more about the shoe care kit:

  1. Cleaner and Refresher: This product helps in maintaining the cleanliness and freshness of the footbed. Spray it on the footbed and wipe it with a cloth to clean away excess moisture, stains, and dirt build-up.
  2. Water and Stain Repellent: This product helps in maintaining the upper and prevents stains and water marks due to everyday wear. Apply it regularly to leather, suede, and nubuck leather uppers to maintain a look as good as new.
  3. Cork Sealer: All BIRKENSTOCK footwear features the cork footbed, which comes with a light layer of this sealant on the outer edge to prevent it from drying out. If over time the cork looks like it’s drying out, apply a light coat of this product to protect it from the elements of weather.
  4. Suede/Nubuck Leather Brush: This soft brush is especially for nubuck and suede leather shoes. Brushing with it helps to restore the nap and removes dust if any.

Keep in mind that the look and finish of the materials may change after they are treated or cleaned. Your BIRKENSTOCKS will last longer if you take care of them and keep them in great condition.

Additional Care TipsApart from cleaning and maintenance, there are certain things you should be mindful of while owning a pair of BIRKENSTOCK sandals or clog shoes. Try to follow the following guidelines to extend the life of your BIRKENSTOCKS and keep them flawless for a long time:

  1. Avoid Water: Do not submerge them in water as it will compromise the sealant and adhesive and damage the cork. Too much moisture can alter the material and appearance of the sandal. Use our water-friendly styles for any adventures near the water.
  2. Avoid Extreme Heat: Keep your BIRKENSTOCKS away from too much heat. Do not place them near radiators, bonfires, in direct sunlight, or in a car on a hot day for too long. Allow them to air dry when they are wet.
  3. Air Footbeds Regularly: The footbed is made up of layers of cork and jute, and is meant to absorb moisture from your feet. Air it regularly to avoid too much moisture build-up and keep it fresh. Use the cleaner from time to time to keep it smelling fresh and clean.
  4. To clean Birko-Flor, patent leather, and PU sandals, simply wipe them with a damp cloth to remove stains.
  5. EVA sandals can simply be washed with water.
  6. To clean stains off oiled leather uppers, use a suede brush or a nubuck eraser block.
  7. To restore and keep the color of natural leather shoes, apply a colorless conditioner on them.
  8. Use a soft brush to clean and maintain suede and nubuck leather shoes.

The BIRKENSTOCK ComfortOur USP lies in our footbed, the heart and soul of any BIRKENSTOCK model. It is inspired by natural footprints on fine sand. The footbed is designed to cradle your feet and provide the same feeling as walking on a beach, no matter how strenuous the activity. The deep heel cup, longitudinal and transverse arch support, and the roomy toe box allow your feet to maintain a natural stance, prevent ankles from twisting, improve posture, and aid in the rolling motion of walking. In fact, they are also great for accelerating active recovery after rigorous sports or running. 

Our footbed variants include the soft footbed, shearling-lined footbed, and Deep Blue footbed apart from the standard footbed. It is available in two widths: regular and narrow.


Design that stands the test of time is both our specialty and our primary focus. We carry every type of shoe imaginable, from slip-on types perfect for everyday wear to sophisticated, business-appropriate options. We offer a range of strappy sandals, thong sandals, clogs, waterproof styles, platform-heeled sandals, casual sneakers, boots, professional shoes, and more. The material range includes natural leather, oiled leather, patent-finished leather, suede, nubuck leather, Birko-FLor, canvas, velvet, microfiber, wool felt, premium leather, etc.

While most of our designs are unisex, we do offer special ranges for men and women. Our style and comfort also extend to sandals for kids. While our classics are available in kiddie sizes, we also have special models such as Rio, Derry, Colorado, and more for little ones.

Our ever-stylish and versatile sandals lend themselves well to almost every kind of style and look. BIRKENSTOCKS are the perfect accessories not just for street style and everyday basics, but also for office wear, festivities, Indian wear, and more. The dual-strapped Arizona, the Boston clogs, the thong sandal Gizeh, and the minimal single-strap Madrid are some of our most iconic and well-liked styles. Our classic models can be paired with almost everything in your wardrobe, making them a shoe rack staple. Our sneakers like Bend and Gary are perfect for street style and everyday basics. Slip-on styles are a no-brainer for casual ensembles, while metallic and patent-finished sandals are great for evening looks. The professional clogs are made for specialized professions. Honnef and others are perfect for both workwear and adventurous holidays. EVA styles are great for waterside and wellness areas, making them the perfect vacation option.

A BIRKENSTOCK sandal is truly the best accessory that you will ever own. Versatile, stylish, and comfortable: there’s nothing more desirable than a sandal that checks all three requirements and then some more. The comfort of a BIRKENSTOCK is something that can only be explained in so many words. You need to experience the sandal to know that this is what your feet truly need. Who wouldn’t want comfort and style like ours to at for years? Get yourself our shoe care kit, and ensure your BIRKENSTOCKS maintain a near-new look and feel for years. Happy shopping!

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