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How to Take Care of Your BIRKENSTOCKS

Hello, dear fashionistas! How well do you know us? Let’s find out:

A. BIRKENSTOCKS are supremely comfortable thanks to the contoured footbed.
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    B. BIRKENSTOCK offers contemporary and minimal designs for versatility.
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    C. BIRKENSTOCKS can last for years.
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      All of the above are absolute facts! Apart from timeless designs and unparalleled comfort, we also like our sandals to have a long life. Through high-quality and responsibly sourced and produced materials and trims, we ensure all of the above. But at the end of the day, footwear that is well cared for, naturally, lasts longer. BIRKENSTOCK offers an easy-to-use shoe care kit to maximize functionality and help you maintain your favorite sandals in near-new condition.

      The BIRKENSTOCK Shoe Care Kit

      Our four-part shoe care kit consists of the following items:

      1. Cleaner and Refresher: Spray this on the footbed and wipe with a clean cloth to remove dirt, stain, and excess moisture. This will keep your footwear fresh and clean.
      2. Water and Stain Repellent: Apply this regularly on nubuck leather, suede, and leather shoes to protect the upper from water and dirt.
      3. Cork Sealer: The BIRKENSTOCK footbed is made using cork with a light layer of cork sealer on the exposed edge. If it looks like it‘s drying out, apply the cork sealer to protect the footbed from weather elements.
      4. Suede/Nubuck leather Brush: Use the brush to clean suede leather shoes and nubuck leather shoes and to restore the nap on the surfaces.

      Bear in mind, the appearance of the materials and their finish may alter after any treatment or cleaning. This, by no means, is an alternation in their characteristics or sustainability. Proper care and maintenance will extend the life of your BIRKENSTOCKS.

      Additional Care Tips

      • Keep them away from extreme heat such as radiators, bonfires, and direct sunlight.
      • Do not immerse them in water, especially the natural leather shoes, as it will alter the appearance and material and reduce their life considerably. In addition to deteriorating the sealant and cork, too much moisture can alter the appearance and texture of the upper material. We have water-friendly styles available for wearing at the waterside.
      • Air the footbeds regularly to prevent odor and moisture build-up.
      • Use a suede brush or a nubuck eraser block to clean stains off oiled leather uppers.
      • Apply colorless conditioner to leather shoes for women and men to restore and preserve color.
      • Be it suede, nubuck leather, microfiber, or leather shoes, clean them gently with a soft brush.

      BIRKENSTOCK offers a wide variety of sandals, slip-on, boots, professional shoes, clogs shoes, waterproof styles, and more. All models feature the iconic anatomically-shaped footbed that gives you the feeling of walking on fine sand, no matter how strenuous or prolonged the movement. Who wouldn’t want to extend this comfort, and of course, contemporary style for years? Take good care of your BIRKENSTOCKS, and we promise you, they are a gift that keeps giving.

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