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Footwear Care: Keeping Your Shoes in Top Shape


We all know the feeling - that perfect combo of comfort and style you get from a trusty pair of Birkenstock Bend sneakers. Made with natural and suede leather, these shoes are built to last, but a little TLC goes a long way. So, get ready (or rather, loosen those laces!) because we're about to show you how to keep your Bend sneakers looking and feeling fresh for years to come. We'll cover everything from essential cleaning hacks to overpowering common woes like shoe bites and stinky feet.

We'll even spill the beans on the best ways to wash your sneakers because, hey, everyone needs a good pair of kicks, right? Get ready to transform your shoe care routine and keep your Bend sneakers feeling fabulous!

Understanding Your Birkenstock Bend: Natural and Suede Leather Care

Your Birkenstock Bend sneakers are made with high-quality natural and suede leather, materials that require special attention to maintain their look and feel. Unlike other types of shoes, suede and natural leather have unique care requirements. Here’s how to keep them in top shape:

  • Regular Cleaning: For natural leather, use a soft cloth micro-fibre cloth, slightly dampened with water to wipe away dirt and stains gently. Avoid using too much water, as it can stain the leather. For suede, use a special suede brush to gently lift away dirt and maintain the nap of the suede.
  • Dealing with Wet Shoes: If your Birkenstock Bend sneakers get soaking wet, let them air dry naturally away from direct radiators or sunlight. Stuffing them with newspaper can help absorb moisture and maintain their shape.
  • Conditioning: Natural leather benefits from regular conditioning to prevent drying and cracking. Apply a leather conditioner every few months or more frequently if you wear it often.

Tackling Common Footwear Issues

Shoe Bite Hacks

Shoe bites can be a real pain, both literally and figuratively. Here’s how to treat shoe bite and make your Birkenstocks more comfortable:

  • Break Them in Gradually: Wear your Birkenstocks around the house for short periods to gradually break them in.
  • Use Padding: Apply soft padding or moleskin to areas where the shoe bites to prevent friction.
  • Adjust Straps: Make use of adjustable straps to find a more comfortable fit that doesn’t rub against your skin.

Smelly Shoes Remedy

To address how to remove shoe smell, consider these tips:

  • Baking Soda: Simply put some baking soda inside your shoes and let it sit overnight to absorb odours. Vacuum it out the next morning.
  • Essential Oils: To neutralise odours, add a few drops of essential oils, such as tea tree or lavender, to your shoes.
  • Proper Ventilation: Ensure your shoes are well-ventilated. Store them in a cool, dry place with access to fresh air.

How to Wash Sneakers the Right Way

While your Birkenstock Bend sneakers are not typical sneakers, they still need occasional cleaning beyond just wiping and brushing. Here’s the best way to wash sneakers, adapted for your Bend sneakers:

  • Spot Cleaning: Remove stains immediately by spot cleaning with a soft detergent and a brush with soft bristles.
  • Avoid the Washing Machine: Washing sneakers in a machine can be harsh on natural and suede leather. Stick to hand cleaning to protect the integrity of the materials.
  • Dry Properly: After cleaning, let your shoe air dry, as mentioned before, away from direct heat.

Keep Your Birkenstocks Looking New

Regular maintenance is important to extending the life of your shoes. By following these tips on footwear care, treating shoe bites, eliminating odours, and washing your shoes correctly, you'll keep your Birkenstock Bend sneakers looking and feeling new. Remember, a little care can preserve the beauty and functionality of your beloved footwear.

We hope these tips help you enjoy your Birkenstock Bend sneakers for many adventures to come! Keep stepping comfortably and stylishly, knowing your favourite pair is well-cared for.