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BIRKENSTOCK: Walking as Nature Intended

Did you know that on average, our feet carry us in our lifetimes, the equivalent of treading the globe thrice? Our feet are complex structures with 26 bones, 33 joints, 20 muscles, and 114 ligaments. They are resilient and withstand pressures of many times our body weight during activities like running, jumping, etc.

Another cool fact from the vantage of evolution– our feet are made for the wilderness. Their natural strength develops by walking barefoot through forests, mountains, and rivers. By exposing our feet to varied stimuli, we can enhance their strength, flexibility, and overall functionality. Whichever the activity, whether hunting, farming, or exploring, our ancestors tread barefoot. Our foot structure has remained constant since then, even though the world has changed.Problem + Solution

The hard surfaces of the modern world offer no natural support, causing our anatomical sensory systems to atrophy. The arch of the foot can lose tension, causing a flatter foot arch, a widespread physical aberration today.

In came BIRKENSTOCK with the philosophy of Naturgewolltes Gehen, meaning ‘Walking as nature intended,’ and developed footwear that encouraged the natural way of walking. Throughout generations, our actions have consistently focused on providing genuine comfort. Our most comfortable sandals for men, women, and kids reinforce natural foot anatomy and support your feet. This endeavor makes BIRKENSTOCKS the footwear you absolutely need.The BIRKENSTOCK Footbed

A term we coined in 1913, ‘footbed’ denotes anatomically shaped insoles. They enable a natural posture and improved natural gait. Often copied but never equaled, the footbed is synonymous with unparalleled comfort today.

The Rolling Motion of WalkingInspired by natural footprints on the sand, it reinforces the idea of perfect weight distribution. The walking cycle begins with the touch down of the heel, the foot’s strongest and largest bone. As the movement continues, the weight is distributed to the outer edge of the foot. Aiding the rolling motion, the weight is transferred to the ball of the foot. Then finally, the movement ends with lifting the heel and a ‘pushing-off’ motion over the big toe.

The Footbed StructureThe contoured structure of the footbed is designed to offer optimum comfort in every step, maintain natural posture, aid in the rolling motion of walking, and promote good foot health. The deep heel cup, transverse and longitudinal arch supports, toe bar, and toe box allow your feet to spread naturally, stabilize the foot, and offer support and balance. The raised footbed edge protects your toes. The footbed helps activate the right muscles and distributes the weight of your body evenly, thus ensuring impeccable comfort even during the most strenuous activities.

The Materials

Made using natural materials like jute, latex, cork, and water-soluble adhesive, the footbed is skin-friendly. The insulating properties and moisture absorption help maintain the foot climate. The materials ensure the perfect mix of strength, flexibility, and durability.

To keep it simple, BIRKENSTOCKS are invariably good for your feet. The combination of the footbed and minimal, timeless upper designs makes a BIRKENSTOCK the best sandals for women and men. Whether casual, formal, festive, athleisure, or street style, you are sure to find a BIRKENSTOCK that matches your personal style preferences and continues to be versatile. Give your feet the comfort they deserve. It’s never too late to step into a BIRKENSTOCK.

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