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It is a moment of euphoria for high street style lovers because the two very diverse worlds of ADERERROR and BIRKENSTOCK have just launched a collaborative collection. So, what do the modern South Korean brand and the German legacy name have in common? The love for clean and functional design with a strong sense of individualism, for starters. The collection brings together the timelessness and precision of BIRKENSTOCK and the vivacity and technical finesse of ADERERROR.

The Campaign

Titled “Too Passionate To Stop”, the campaign celebrates humanistic passion, spirit, challenge, and movement, both physiologically and psychologically. True to its name, ADERERROR literally draws from aesthetics, BIRKENSTOCK’s in this case. The former adds unique and unfamiliar elements to make the sandal their own. The collection draws inspiration from the technical features of ski boots. Maintaining the characteristic BIRKENSTOCK sensibilities of utility and comfort, ADERERROR has added its FINE (Fun, Immediate, New, Easy) USP on the classic Arizona, Gizeh, and Milano models.

The BIRKENSTOCK footbed remains unchanged for the simple reason that it is absolutely perfect in its structure. Known for using familiar things in an unusual way, the ADERERROR slogan, “But Near Missed Things” reflects in their use of ski boot buckles as closures. The signature Z-blue details voice youthfulness. All sandals have a co-branded silicone pin in the shape of the ADERERROR’s logo. The collection celebrates the youthful sentiment of duty and vocation, a multifaceted work ethic, and passion for what they chose to do with their lives.

The Collection

Arizona Tech ADERERROR: The familiar dual strap sandal has been reimagined in a distinct ADERERROR style. It is crafted from black-grain steer leather. The buckles have been replaced by special tech closures with Swiss-sourced Z-blue accents.

Gizeh Tech ADERERROR: The minimal and elegant thong sandal has been reimagined in the signature Z-blue color. The fluid design adds a sense of continual movement. The sandal is made from nubuck leather and features the special tech closure sourced from Switzerland.

Milano Tech ADERERROR: This collaboration reimagines the timeless Milano in an edgy avatar. The dual straps, combined with the stabilizing ankle strap, are made from soft-grained white leather. The special tech closure on the ankle strap has a Z-blue accent, thus making a prominent ADERERROR statement in the BIRKENSTOCK model. 

The quirky visual aesthetic and technology-inspired designs of ADERERROR unify seamlessly with the luxury and heritage of BIRKENSTOCK 1774. Both brands walk in harmonious balance, where they sync seamlessly, yet each brand shines through eminently.

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